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The following testimonials are true stories from people using the various Moringa products.

I gave a certain Professor in the University of Ibadan moringa seeds sometime last year (2011), by the time I saw him this year, he said HE LOST SO MUCH WAIT, TAKING THE SEEDS, HE NEEDED TO STOP! Therefore, if you want to shed some weight, take moringa seeds. Plus, we have a specially formulated moringa cleanser that works well for body loss.

A woman that had agalactia regained full breast-milk production and let-down after using moringa leaf powder.

  • I used to have severe lower back ache. After I started taking Moringa, I did not quite notice the pain disappeared until one day, I just noticed there was no form of discomfort around my waist area. And that was it. It never surfaced till today!
  • Two women supposedly through with child bearing became pregnant within 4 months of using moringa seeds.

  • A young mother of three, with chilly feeling in the chest was relived with the use of moringa seeds. Her child’s severe ear ache stopped after moringa leaf-juice was squeezed into her ear.

  • Two men that suffered and were weakened by malaria attacks regained vitality after the use of moringa leaves and seeds.

  • A woman from Anambra State, involved in a vehicular accident, had her fair skin bruised which resulted dark marks on her skin. After chewing moringa seeds consistently from then till now, she noticed that her skin has also been healed.

  • A man, diabetic since December 2002, also has chronic peptic ulcer, but after chewing a total of 300 moringa seeds within 10 weeks, he regained his weight, looks and vitality.

  • A lady who had recurrent malaria, stomach ailment, dental caries with hole got healed from all these after using moringa leaves and seeds.

  • A woman that had agalactia regained full breast-milk production and let-down after using moringa leaf powder.

  • A hair-dresser that had peptic ulcer and filarial skin disease was healed after consuming a total of 100 moringa seeds.

  • A lady with phobia for small dark rooms marked by feeling of suffocation, got over this feeling with the use of moringa seeds.

  • Two young ladies reported having recovered from dysmenorrhea (painful menstruation) and amenorrhea (cessation of menstrual flow) respectively, after using moringa leaf powder.

  • Body fat was drastically reduced when a woman used moringa seed and leaves

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  • Some women used moringa seeds and leaves to improve and recondition their skin and hair.

  • Sore throat, cough, skin boils, worm infestation were reported to have been healed using moringa seeds and leaves.

  • Improved libido in men and women was also achieved by the use of moringa seeds and leaves
  • A woman was scheduled for surgical removal of a skin tumor at the cost of N30, 000.00 got healed after the issue of moringa seeds!

  • A middle aged man on the surgical list with pile also had the pile handled after using 100 moringa seeds.
  • A poor-sighted 60- year old woman who had used eye glasses for many years, could now see clearly (without eye glasses) after consistently chewing of moringa leaves.

  • A civil servant that could not go to the office due to disease health condition resumed office work within 6 weeks of taking a glass of fresh moringa water squeezed from moringa fresh leaves.

  • A lady who had severe back pain after delivery recovered after weeks of taking moringa leaf powder.

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  • A 90-year old diabetic had his sugar level miraculously lowered by consuming powdered moringa seeds.

  • An elderly man with diabetic sore hospitalized for 8 weeks whose legs was to be amputated to avoid whole leg ulceration used about 100ml of moringa oil got healed with skin restored and discharged within two weeks of use.

  • A middle aged lady with hair loss challenge had fuller hair after using 33mls of moringa oil as hair cream.

  • A man, over 40 years with non healing reddish sores had the sore 50% healed within 4 weeks applying crushed seeds once a week.

  • A 50 year old lady had a toe cut by stone chewed 3 seeds made a paste out of it and applied on the bleeding wound, ten stuck to the surface of the wound, killed all the pain healing the wound within 4 days. She also used the moringa body cleanser (liquid supplement) to relieve her from HBP and cramps.

  • A young lady married for over 2 years with challenges that could not allow conception became a proud mother within 2 years of chewing about 6 moringa seeds daily.
  • I normally didn’t have a good sleep. But after using moringa for some time now I sleep like a baby. The moringa tree is very good. Thank God for such a good and miracle tree. Cecilia from Ghana.

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  1. how do i use the moringa powder

    1. Take three table/tea spoonfuls daily. Add to your meals. Blessings!

  2. i had a lower backache and after taking the leaf, i felt a huge relief

  3. is there a specific dosage for the leave,seed, powder or oil for any ailment?

  4. I have been taking the powder I started with 1/2 a teaspoon and now take a teaspoon. The powder gives me energy. does anyone know how much is 100 mg of moringa or how much you can take of leaves and powder. How much is to much.
    e mail address I appreciate any help.

  5. @Anonymous, refer to
    @Solomon, for seed, 2 per time and twice daily is ok. Check out
    @Jessika, a teaspoon per time and that three times a day is ok.

  6. How do i use moringa to cure peptic ulcer?

  7. can i peel moringa seeds and place it in an airtight container so that i can be able to use it so easily? Please help i want to know?

  8. I want to know may you please help me, if i've been cured for any kind of disease after using moringa is it temporarily or permanent?

  9. Can moringa cure pile? If yes, response quickly

  10. Can ,moringa clear blood vessels of cholesterol


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