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Sunday, July 22, 2018

How to prepare moringa soup in nigeria

How to prepare moringa soup

The following moringa soup is cooked in Nigeria. You may try it at your end too and let us know how it went.


  • Cat fish (you may also use Smoked fish)
  • Moringa leaf (pluck out the leaf from the stalk and wash)
  • Potash
  • Vegetable oil(optional)
  • Pepper(milled)
  • Onion(sliced)
  • Local seasoning(optional)
  • Salt


Wash your Cat fish( you can use lime juice, salt or warm water to get rid of the slimy membrane) and cut into desired size.
Put in a pot, add some water(not much,but then not little)and turn on your source of heat.

Next, add some seasoning cubes,desired quantity of salt, milled pepper, sliced onion.

You can also add a little quantity of oil.

Allow the mixture to boil for about 20 to 30 minutes depending on the intensity of your source of heat.

Add  moringa leaves and some potash (however,care must be taken to ensure that the potash is not too much/small).

Allow to cook for about 5-10 minutes....
Viola! Your moringa soup is ready.

Do you have a better recipe?
Kindly share in the comments below.

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