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Tuesday, May 1, 2018

How to make moringa oil for hair: a DO IT YOURSELF(DIY) guide for making bald head hair regrowth oil

Moringa oil has helped my hair to regrow at the front areas where my hair began to make a v shape. I didn't have a chrome dome but the hair started to disappear. 
How to make moringa oil for hair

As I looked into the mirror one day, I remembered my grand pa. The thoughts of developing a bald head started flushing my mind. In the course of my research on moringa, I found out that it is able to grow hair. So I decided to give a try and was amazed...Follow to see...

How moringa oil REVERSED my BALD HAIR.

Yes it did. I began to deliberately apply cupious moringa oil to
my hair especially at the balding front to see what would happen. In addition, we got some other oils to add to the moringa oil so as to increase the volume because I was almost using $10 worth of moringa oil daily only for my hair. The oils we added are listed in the recipe below.

Bald head hair regrowth oil recipe

I am planning to add castor oil in the next batch of oil blend to be prepared.

My wife makes cold pressed coconut oil and sesame oil which became my fav oils at home. So we used some of the oils. We also got African olive oil from a great source and added to the recipe. The first preparation included neem oil in the recipe. But I did not like to smell the neem oil so we stopped using it. 

We simply added all the above oils to our moringa oil and got the proprietary bald head hair regrowth oil blend. I have been massaging the oil into my scalp daily and amazingly, my hair is regrowing at the balding zones. You too can give a try even if you have a totally shining bald head-as bald as a coot. Lol! Who knows it might jsut work for you too.

Take a look at my hair below to see how it is regrowing very fast...

How to make moringa oil for hair growth at home

  • First of all get moringa seeds and shell them. See a video on how to shell moringa seeds below.
  • After shelling the seeds, use a manual oil press or an automatic table top oil press as shown the videos below to extract the oil from moringa seeds.

  • Filter the moringa oil and bottle. 

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The above are concise steps in making moringa oil at home and how to use moringa oil for making bald head hair regrowth oil.

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