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Thursday, May 24, 2018

How Moringa made Guiness Nigeria to win Gold Medal at San Francisco World Spirits Competition (SFWSC)

When I first saw the Gordon’s Moringa Citrus blend, I was suprised and thought, so Guiness don carry moringa put inside alcohol? Now see what the moringa has done for them. According to TheNation, "Guinness Nigeria Plc.’s mainstream spirit brands have won medals at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition (SFWSC).

The competition was the biggest in its history,
featuring more than 2,200 entries. Guinness Nigeria slugged in out with over 2,200 international brands to clinch the award.

An SFWSC medal has become a recognised affirmation of high quality and one of the most reliable and universal indications of spirits excellence.

Within the Gin category, Gordon’s Moringa Citrus blend, an innovation less than two years old, bagged a gold medal. According to the SFSWC screening panel, a gold medal is awarded to products deemed “exceptional spirits near the pinnacle of achievement that set the standard for their categories.”"

Hey! I am not in anyway promoting Guiness products, but it goes to say that moringa can do wonders everywhere it is found. So you could add it to your recipes when cooking. It is simply an amazing plant that also carries some spiritual powers. Yes. you read right. 

I was at some moringa conference sometime in 2012 and a certain woman kept shouting: Moringa is spiritual, to the point that it got my attention. On anothe occassion, I was with an elder in Portharcourt who was processing moringa into wonderful products. He said one day his friend(who was probably a spiritualist) came around to visit with him. He saw moringa oil with him and opted to check it out. The elder cum chief continued that as soon as the man took the moringa oil bottle close to his nose as if to perceive the aroma, he quickly took it away and exclaimed: the spiritual vibration inside this oil is too much!

I have also learnt that some Preahers are using moringa oil now as an annointing oil. So you see, moringa is more spiritual than physical. It carries unusual grace, it sponsors uncommon favour, among other wonderful health, nutritional and economic benefits. 

Anyways, congratulations to Guiness. Please endeavour to carry out your corporate social responsibility by empowering Moringa farmers in Nigeria.

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