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Monday, April 30, 2018

Does Moringa Keep You Awake?

Does Moringa Keep You Awake?
When I started on moringa, it litereally made me sleepwalk! Yes, you read right. Any time I took moringa, it was like taking a sleeping pill. It would knock me off almost immediately. As time passed, the effect gradually waned. But up till now, I become a little drowsy after taking a heavy dose of moringa leaf powder or tea.

What is your experience with moringa and staying awake? Does it make you stay awake? Or does it make you feel sleepy like me? I know everybody has a unique body physiology which determines how they react to ingested plant products.

Moringa boosts energy

One day, one Zija International representative told me about one of their products which, when taken in excess could keep you awake throughout the night probably because of the so much boost in energy it triggers. I am not sure which product it is specifically. But Zija has formulated many energy moringa products such as XM+. See the picture below:
In my honest opinion, I believe moringa will not keep you awake ordinarily. Like I said earlier, for one person it could actually make them stay awake, especially the likes of XM+ formulated with other ingredients added to moringa. But pure organic moringa should not make you stay awake but rather make you sleep even if you had insomnia.

I would be happy to hear from your experience with moringa with respect to sleep. Did it make you sleep or did it make you stay awake? 

Kindly leave your comments below. We would love to hear from you. 

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