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Friday, March 23, 2018

The Amazing Nutritional, Medicinal And Economic Benefits Of Moringa oleifera: How to use moringa to stay healthy and wealthy

The Amazing Nutritional, Medicinal And Economic Benefits Of Moringa oleifera: How to use moringa to stay healthy and wealthy(kindle and paper back versions)  is the latest book title we just published.

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The leaves of Moringa were identified by the World Vegetable Center (Taiwan) as the vegetable with the highest nutritional value from among 120 types of food species studied. 

Moringa is pretty much easy to cultivate and is highly resistant to drought, this tree produces abundant leaves with a high concentration of proteins, vitamins, and minerals: 100 grams of fresh Moringa leaves provide more amount of protein than an egg, more iron than a steak, more Vitamin C than orange, and more calcium than a glass of milk...


Moringa can be incorporated into the diet in different ways. The following are some of the methods for making this super food a part of your daily diet plan.

Moringa Tea: Buy a moringa tea brand of your choice and make the tea every morning for your proper nourishment.

Moringa Capsules: You may decide to get moringa capsules to ingest instead. Some moringa capsules are made purely from organic moringa leaf powder. That is the best kind of moringa capsule to take.


Moringa is highly useful for weight loss in seniors. This of course is due to its density of nutrients. Any time you ingest moringa leaf products: capsules, tea or leaf powder, it supplies your body with all the required nutrients and you feel full. 

Many individuals said that Moringa had helped significantly to enhance their general wellbeing. Some said that their short sight had greatly improved.

Chew and eat two seed kernels in the morning and two again at night. At the same time, apply the moringa oil on the affected parts morning and night. Do this for a period one month...


Moringa is good for school children, especially under-performing children. It improves their mental powers.

What to do:
Wash Moringa roots remove the bark and soak in water for two days until the water changes color (brown / pink).
Remove the roots, take one cup of the liquid and mix with half a cup of honey. Give to the child first thing in the morning – then he should have no breakfast until 9 o'clock
They can also take it again in the evening.

Note: Make sure you make this preparation fresh every day. 

Chapter four highlights the amazing powers of moringa seeds while chapter five details how to use them in the treatment of dirty water and more...
Chapter six dwells on moringa oil: its uses, how to maximise its potentials, etc.

Each home ought to grow no less than 1 moringa tree.
What's more, did you know you could make millions from a moringa plantation? Chapter seven explains how to go about it.

A Malawian lady has empowered her kindred ladies in numbering more than 5000 with moringa. She has a substantial farm where she additionally has a processing plant. Presently she sends out moringa to Japan. The Japanese Government is financing her venture now! You too can do it

The book has a total of nine chapters with great content you wouldn't want to miss. 

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