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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

How to make money from moringa seeds business (buying and selling)

Yearly, around this time, the prices of m o r i n g. a seeds go up.
Usually, Chinese come in to buy in bulk of tonnes.

If you buy the seeds during the season of abundance and store,
you will make millions, selling during the offpeak period which starts 
around November till February yearly.

You could buy seeds from places like Benue, Plateau, Gombe, Kaduna states in Nigeria, etc
at a low rate during the season of abundance(usually starts around April May till August thereabout). You could even buy as low as N500/kg or lower still.

Keep it in a store and wait till the off peak period when the price goes to as high as N2000 some years. Sell and make over 100% in pure profits.

So that is the method... buy low and sell high for great profits, yearly.

To make even more money, you could extract oil from the seeds and double the profits!

This is how to make the millions from moringa business.

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