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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Moringa seed shelling machine: How to decorticate moringa seeds for oil extraction

moringa seeds sheller
We keep receiving calls from folks who need the moringa seeds shelling machine. Finally, we have been able to provide solution. Moringa oil processors can now conveniently and easily shell the moringa seeds in record time. This will enhance their production by at least 50%. 

How to shell or decorticate moringa seeds

To shell/decorticate, simply remove the seeds from the pods first. Then if the seeds are still a little wet, kindly shed dry for few hours. Follow the steps below:

  1. Switch on the shelling machine (as shown in the video)
  2. Introduce the seeds into the hopper
  3. Allow the seeds to pass through the machine to the collector.
  4. Winnow the seeds.
  5. The seeds are now ready for oil extraction

The video you see below is a demo of the moringa seeds sheller. Watch it to see how the machine works. 
The cost of the machine presently is about one hundred and fifty thousand Naira only(N150,000.00) with FREE DELIVERY WITHIN NIGERIA. Check the video out now.

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