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Monday, May 8, 2017

How to make money from Moringa Oil business

How to make money from Moringa Oil business

The world is home to some 500,000 oilseed bearing plants. One is Moringa oleifera- or common drumstick. Till recently, nobody spoke of Moringa Oil despite its inherent benefits because no one thought of extraction. The first major venture was launched in India in 2007 when small investors began extracting a combined 1.5 metric tons of Moringa Oil.

Uses of Moringa Oil

Moringa or drumsticks are traditionally used in south India to combat malnutrition at all ages. Drumsticks contain potent doses of valuable nutrients, as a study by the US government’s National Centre for Biotechnology Information found. Moringa Oil provides vital nutrients in the right form and dosage when used as cooking medium. The pale yellow oil is also used as cosmetic base; it features in lipstick and moisturizers. Moringa oil is preferred for cooking since it does not impart its intrinsic flavour to food. It is packed in capsules and sold as health supplement. On smaller scale, it  is used as body and hair oil.

Predictions and forecasts

Thanks to health benefits, Moringa Oil is set to emerge as the world’s favourite cooking medium. Yet, it is not available as easily. It continues to remain in great demand worldwide, as food and cosmetic base. Moringa Oleifera flourishes primarily in coastlands of southern and western India. It produces fruit or drumstick at least four times per year. Its use in food is limited. Asian countries including Thailand and the Philippines also have indigenous Moringa trees. People usually consume drumsticks or leaves of the tree. Hence, surplus drumstick quantities are available. This translates into large quantities of Moringa Oleifera seeds that are useful for oil extraction. The world will require millions of gallons of Moringa Oil for human consumption and niche industries, predict various organizations.

Opportunities with Moringa Oil

Opportunities for edible and non-edible Moringa Oil are immense. Till date, there are no established production and supply chains on massive, global scale for this commodity. For anyone who wishes to make money from Moringa Oil business, the time is now. Little extra efforts, a decent capital and pre arrangements with services and facilities providers can get you into excellent business.

Moringa producer

Anyone living in tropical regions of the world can cultivate Moringa Oleifera. The tree is very versatile and can be grown from seeds, saplings and grafts. Various cultivars of Moringa Oleifera are available from various regions of the world. Thus, selecting the right cultivar is easy. They can be procured from any agriculture shop.  You can plant Moringa trees in your backyard. Sufficient number of Moringa trees will ensure a great income.

Moringa processor

This is the most important line to make money in Moringa Oil business. After every successful crop, Moringa fruit needs to be harvested and processed. Here is where loads of money can be made. The Moringa fruit pulp is edible and in demand. It is used in various dishes. Seeds are removed while extracting the flesh and later dried. Once deseeded, Moringa fruit can be dried and supplied as fodder on farms. The fruit can be boiled to make bottled health supplements, thanks to high dose of vital nutrients. Remaining fibre is great as cattle feed again or for industrial purposes. Drying, packing and selling Moringa Oil seeds are a great business idea.

Moringa seed drying and packaging

Processing seeds such as drying to the correct consistency required for oil extraction is very important. Properly dried seeds have to be sorted and packed for onward delivery to extractors. Setting up a greenhouse type facility with dehumidifiers and other similar but inexpensive equipment is fairly easy. It does not require complex operating procedures. A couple or family can easily manage this business. You can make money in Moringa Oil business by drying, sorting and packing seeds and selling them to distributors.

The main part: Extraction

A small capital of US$ 3,000 is sufficient to buy a new, high quality Moringa Oil extraction plant. Extraction is most crucial part of making money from Moringa Oil business and is one of the many Small business ideas. The plant is compact enough and can be set up in a garage or small area of a house. Used machines are available at almost half the price. A word of caution: Buying and setting up Moringa Oil extraction plant is fairly easy but it requires routine maintenance

Moringa Oil bottlers

A small bottling plant is enough to make money from Moringa Oil business. Moringa Oil is sold in retail in small bottles such as 20ml, 50ml and 100ml. Bottling and labelling Moringa Oil allows you to launch your own brand. One 15ml bottle of Moringa Oil costs US$ 3 to US$ 5. Prices depend upon quality and place of extraction. Buying Moringa Oil seeds is fairly economical but the dividends for extractors are very high.

Wholesale Moringa Oil

If you can extract sufficient quantities, you can make money from Moringa Oil business by entering the wholesale market. Cosmetic manufacturers across the world look for reliable suppliers who can consistently supply them with adequate stocks of the commodity. Medicine and health supplement manufacturers too scout the market for suppliers who assure supplies of large quantities of Moringa Oil.

Moringa Oil based cosmetics

The beauty and skincare product market is rapidly expanding worldwide. Cosmetics such as moisturizers, skin and body lotions and soaps prepared with Moringa Oil are already in great demand. A good home industry that prepares traditional cosmetics and skincare products made with this oil will definitely flourish as popularity of Moringa Oil grows.

Fodder supplier

Oil cakes left after extracting Moringa Oil are preferred feed for farm animals. Some livestock breeders regularly give Moringa oilseed cakes to their cattle for better milk production and fattening for meat. Buying spent seeds and making oil cakes as cattle fodder will ensure you make money in Moringa Oil business.

Moringa oil based beauty treatment

Women and men of all ages patronize beauty treatment. Moringa Oil is exceptionally popular for the various benefits that it offers. Developing therapies and beauty treatments to people is an idea yet to catch up. If you have required skills, developing  Moringa Oil based beauty treatments  is a great money spinning idea for every entrepreneur.

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