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Monday, May 8, 2017

Beautiful African Lady leaves Paris for a Moringa farm in Kenya


Unbelievable! But it is true that this pretty African lady has left Paris for a village in Msambweni, Kwale County Kenya to spend her days in a Moringa farm. How did she get hooked? It was as a result of the solution to her acne face which moringa helped clear miraculously.

Within a month of using the Moringa, her skin was flawless. That was it. “Oh my! When I saw the glow on my face, I resigned, packed my bags and took the next flight to Kenya. And here I am and loving it,” That is what happens when moringa performs her wonders for people.

Many young people in Africa are going back to farm now and it is really a wonderful trend. From Nigeria to Kenya; from Egypt to Zimbabwe, young people are embracing Agriculture. Many have started their moringa farms, others are processing into value added products like moringa oil, moringa tea, moringa soap, etc.

.“Young people need to be more daring and look beyond the horizon. If there are no office jobs, think outside the box. You will be surprised your IT skills can come in handy on a farm,” Azar says.

On the farm, while the rest do the hands-on job of tending to the Moringa from the seedlings stage to the final processed product, Azari is the “face and voice of Moringa”. “My job at the farm is to market Moringa to local and international clients. reports stardardmedia

Next week I will be in Vegas hunting for new clients, I also try to get new local clients,” she tells Smart Harvest. Well versed But much as her role is marketing, she is well versed in matters Moringa from farm to fork. “As a marketer, I believe that to sell a product authentically, you must know it in and out. I have made a deliberate effort to come to the farm as often as I can to be part of the process. I am involved in this journey from growing of the seedlings, to harvesting and processing. That way I can answer a client’s concerns confidently,” she says. She now lives and breathes Moringa.

Did you know you can make moringa oil from seeds at the comfort of your home?

I am looking forward to seeing more young Africans embrace Moringa farming. The truth is the Western world is crazy about moringa which is a commonplace and easy farm in Africa. So getting involved in a Moringa Startup will be a huge investment. I advise young people to go into the moringa plantation farming for seeds so that they can as well eventually process the seeds into oil.

Most times, the demand for the seeds is more than that for the leaves all year round. Moreso, it is easier to do a Moringa farm for seeds as it poses little or no challenge in selling unlike the leaves which have to be carefully processed immediately after harvest to avoid spoilage.

And if you go further to process the moringa seeds into oil, you will increase the shelf life to almost five years. The ben oil can stay for about five years without going rancid. So the advantages of farming moringa seeds are enormous. There is an increasing demand for moringa oil in the cosmetics circles now that there is a rising natural revolution worldwide.
So young people, GO to farm. And in all your faming, farm Moringa.


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