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Sunday, March 19, 2017

How to grow hair healthier with moringa

Are you suffering from hair loss? The solution is here. Many people have benefited from the hair growing benefits of moringa. Even those who had bald head before reported seeing hair grow on the bald areas again after starting with moringa oleifera. That sounds magical isn't it? Read on to learn more.

Moringa oil is recommended for healthy hair growth

Moringa Oil is highly effective in conditioning, nourishing and soothing hair and scalp, it also balances scalp’s natural oils production to maintain a healthy environment for better hair growth.
That is why a lot of women now use moringa oil on their scalp and hair. Some add to their creams too to massage their bodies.

Moringa tea also helps to improve hair growth and minimise hair loss. Vashti was surprised to see this happen to her when she started taking the moringa tea for other reasons. Read what she said:
I experienced mental clarity, alertness, and I noticed it eliminated water retention during the female cycle. It thickened my hair tremendously and I experienced increased hair growth in a very short time. I did not expect that and did not purchase the product knowing it would do so. As a result of my experiences I have encouraged others to use it."
You may read others' reviews apart from Vashti's and buy moringa for healthy hair growth from Amazon 

Now slowly read this review from a Super excited woman who is now in her 50s, celebrating moringa for hair growth among other reasons. Read on.

"I first started taking this moringa powder about 3 months ago [September 2012]. I started by taking 1 tsp per day. At first, perhaps for a few days to one week, I did experience mild headaches, and a bit of the effects of detoxing. I didn't mind. I knew it meant the moringa was potent and working. I have now built up to where I am taking 2 Tablespoons per day of this powder—1 Tablespoon in the morning, another 1 Table spoon in the afternoon or evening, as well as several cups of moringa tea throughout the day. I am looking to achieve exceptional results and I feel just fine taking this much powder. In fact I have never felt better in my whole life.
To say I am thrilled and excited to have discovered moringa is an understatement. I LOVE moringa! I feel passionate about it. As they say, "the proof is in the pudding" and I love the results. I am beyond excited to have discovered it. Moringa is hands down the BEST and most exciting health discovery I have EVER made.

Moringa has helped me feel better and look my best. My complexion seems to glow and my skin is radiant and soft. I now apply mostly just moringa oil to my face. I also use Rose Hip Seed oil. Gone are the days of buying very expensive facial creams! No way. I will never do that again. I also use moringa oil on the roots of my hair. 

My hair is growing like crazy and is so healthy

That combined with consuming moringa powder (I truly believe in beauty from within) has resulted in the healthiest hair I have had in years. My hair is growing like crazy and is so healthy. My hairdresser can't believe the difference in my hair. If I notice this much difference after only three months, how thick and healthy will my hair be a year from now? Can't wait to find out! Perhaps most notable of all, I no longer have to use eye glasses for reading or the computer. I can actually read fine print again such as canned food labels and vitamins bottles. 

I also sleep really soundly at night (even if I take the moringa late in the evening) and wake up renewed and refreshed. I then enjoy a wonderful, even energy throughout the day. I just feel notably brighter, and I am able to work out harder and more effectively.

Her hair grew to three inches length Six months later

"Finally, I just want to update you with the benefits that I personally received that are so very exciting to me. I have experienced the most amazing hair growth. I have been trying to grow my hair long for the last couple of years and try and get it to grow in thicker. This is one reason I first became interested morning. Well, to my amazement, six months into taking moringa I am shocked at all the new hair growth I have. I have thick new hair growing all over my head that is now anywhere between 1 and 3 inches in length. I am truly blown away. My skin is soft, and radiant. I should also mention that in addition to moringa powder I also use moringa oil as a hair treatment and apply to my face and hands instead of expensive moisturizers. I am totally excited about my hair growth!

I will never stop taking moringa; that I am sure of. And the money it is saving me? Well, I was spending a TON of money every year on herbs and supplements--you name it, but I have now confidently dropped almost all other supplements in favor of moringa. This alone will save me so much money, all while bettering my health. I did the research for myself and I am convinced. I am so pleased!"

Did you see that? I deliberately put that lengthy review of hers for you to read and appreciate her why even though it is beyond the scope of this article. She is obviously so excited she found moringa. Her hair growth is tremendous, her overall health has improved. In her menopause, she does not experience hot flashes courtesy moringa. 

So now you see that taking moringa goes beyond just your hair growth? It does many other things for you.

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