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Thursday, March 16, 2017

How to gain energy fast with moringa seeds

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Moringa seeds no doubt give you loads of energy. I remember meeting one man who said he felt he could jump over the fence because of the much energy he was bubbling with. How did he get this quantum or is it quanta of energy? Simply by chewing moringa seeds daily.

I was in Portharcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria that morning, on my way from the state secretariat when I ran into this man. He 'gisted' me about his children schooling in Ghana who brought the moringa seeds for him. He continued that since he started eating the moringa seeds, he had observed huge surge of energy in his body. No wonder he said he could jump over the fence.

How to gain energy fast with moringa seeds

Energy is the ability to do work, so we learnt from elementary science. It means the more energy you have the more work you can do. If you know you need energy to carry on, do not bother getting the energy drinks. No, they will give you energy yes, but in addition, they will also give you some health challenge.
Eating moringa seeds raw supplies your body with instant energy. But if you do not like the taste of the moringa seeds, do not worry, there are companies that has helped you out. Zija was the first moringa company to formulate a moringa drink popularly known as drink life in!
It is best to get natural energy which moringa provides. If you have ever heard of Zija, you might know they have formulated wonderful energy products from moringa which taste real good. Learn more about Zija Moringa Energy Products here
So that is how to gain energy fast with moringa seeds. Athletes who need energy for their sporting activities value moringa a lot. It gives them the required energy they need to compete. If you are getting low on energy, reach out for moringa seeds or moringa energy drink and have a refill.

How many moringa seeds should you pop into your mouth per time?

Truth is many have popped over 10 moringa seeds and chewed before they ever cared to find out how many seeds are recommended per time or per day. But you see, even water, when taken in excess could harm you. So it is wisdom to limit the intake of moringa seeds to a maximum of four per day. 

And when you are just starting out, like I have advised here, please do not take more than two per time. Let your body become accustomed to it first. then you may gradually increase to eating four seeds per day.

Reactions from eating moringa seeds

Now you may react to the seeds. For some people eating moringa seeds for the first time makes them to purge. But ironically, you do not get weak after purging. You still maintain your energy. That means it is good purging. 

The seeds simply cleansed your body and detoxified you. So do not worry about it. But if need be, only experiment with taking moringa seeds for the first time when you know you can always have access to the toilet. Preferably weekends when you are not going out.

Apart from purging, some people have complained of itching of the body after taking the seeds for the first time. But this is few percentage of the people. Else, moringa seeds do not have side effects.

Overall, taking moringa seeds will boost your energy levels almost instantly. So instead of going for the energy drinks that are not natural and may add toxins to your body, go for the natural moringa seeds or drinks that will boost your energy and enhance your health.

Moringa Energy bars and drinks

Like I said earlier, for some people, popping and chewing moringa seeds might be challenging. So I have researched some wonderful moringa energy products that you can take without feeling aweful!
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