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Saturday, March 11, 2017

Can moringa make you fertile?

Yes moringa can make you fertile. Taking moringa seeds and leaves and their derivatives can help you to become fertile. Many have reported taking moringa seeds and leaves to become pregnant. So if you or someone you know is trying to conceive, I recommend you take moringa daily and trust God for good results.
Most men who cannot impregnate their wives have infertility challenges. They are unable to produce good quality or great quantity of semen. Consuming moringa oleifera daily will improve your sperm count as explained in this post. Consistent consumption of moringa will not only improve the sperm count but support you to impregnate your wife.

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Apart from consuming moringa, also look for other herbs that will help you. Moringa in itself is very good. But combining other herbs like horny goat weed will help you even more. Also, I advise you avoid eating sugar. Drink more of water and STOP drinking carbonated drinks such as coca-cola.

Remember also to check with your doctors to find out if there are underlying causes of infertility that may require special medical attention such as surgical operation. It is always good to also carry out lab tests to know your numbers (such as sperm count, etc). That way, when you start taking moringa and other herbs you will know when there is improvement.

In conclusion, it is highly recommended that you get ORGANIC moringa products which are hygienically processed for you infertility needs.

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