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Thursday, February 2, 2017

How I overcame a Fever attack with Moringa seeds, Soursop and Mangoes!

I would like to share with you How I overcame a Fever attack with Moringa seeds, Soursop Mangoes and water! So on this fateful day, I woke up feeling my body needed to rest but I had urgent work to attend to. Ignoring my body, I forged ahead with work. In fact, due to the nature of the work, I was on till late at night... I remember resting just for a couple of minutes or so.

The fever attack

In the morning of the following day, hell was let loose. My body temperature shot up...Thank God I did not shiver in bed like other times when fever attacks me. But my body temperature went through the roof. In fact, when my wife touched me, she literally shouted. My body was actually reacting to my not resting well enough, coupled with the fact that I had exposed myself to cold last Friday during a prayer vigil.

When the fever launched the attack, I knew how to handle it so I was not bothered. I usually eat bitter kola each time fevers start that way but this time around, I hadn't any around me. But I reached out for ginger and some other naturals. 

Later in the day, it became obvious that the fever would not let me go freely so I launched a counter attack with my arsenals: Moringa seeds, sour sop and Mangoes.
Not that this is a special concoction for fevers anyways. But it really worked for me.

Did you know you can make moringa oil from seeds at the comfort of your home?

What did I do?

Honestly I peeled 10 seeds of Moringa and chewed all on the spot, I went to freezer and took out one soursop fruit and devoured it like a hungry lion. Next, I reached out for the mango fruits we bought earlier in the day and enjoyed them well. Drinking copious water, I knew it was time to sleep and allow the concoction to work.
Off I went to bed and only woke up a few times to visit the loo. Now guess what? This concoction detoxified me well and after discharging the wastes, the fever was nowhere to be found!

Behind every disease is a TOXIN

I remember it was Rev. Dr. Mike Oye who said the cause of almost every disease is toxins. So detoxification will handle a number of health challenges in the body. That was how the combination of all these fibrous plants flushed out all the toxins from my body and sending the fever too packing. 
Soursop is highly medicinal. In Fact it is anti-cancer. Mangoes are also highly nutritious and Moringa, you know what it can do. So combining all of them was a super dose of anti inflammatories, antioxidants, super nutrition and enough fibers for me. 

What our bodies usually need is the RIGHT NUTRITION to handle diseases on its own. So feeding your body with right nutrients is more powerful than taking the pills most of the times. Let your food be your medicine and your medicine your food goes a saying. I applied it and it worked for me. It can work for you too. 

Therefore, the next time you sense symptoms of fever apply my formula, and I believe it work for you. You may google soursop to see the many health benefits too. Eating fruits like soursop regularly is highly recommended to keep away certain health challenges naturally. Just like the fruits, you may eat moringa seeds regularly to keep fit.

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Lessons I learnt

1. Always give your body adequate REST
2. Don't leave work till deadline, it causes STRESS
3. If for any reason, you are face to face with a feverish condition, first detoxify yourself the natural way by using any or all of the items I used, if not more.
4. Fruits are highly medicinal in themselves.
6. Moringa seeds are anti-fever.
7. Water is medicinal! So drink enough water daily not only when you are sick. Lol!

Thanks for reading.

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