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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Where buy moringa seeds

Where buy moringa seeds
Are you looking for where buy moringa seeds? I will show you here now where you can buy moringa seeds online with peace of mind. The sellers I will show you are doing fair trade, their farms are located on the best of soils and best of all, they are doing it organically. It does matter where the moringa seeds are planted. If you got moringa seeds from the wrong sources, you may not get all the benefits of taking moringa seeds. ⌣

So straight away, here is the list.

Paisley Farm and Crafts

Honestly, this company's moringa seeds reviews literally blew me away. Two customers who used it for diabetes came back to drop these encouraging reviews for any body suffering from diabetes. In fact I saw someone wrote that his dog ate the moringa plant (seeds bought from Paisley Farm and Crafts) and the dog miraculously jacked back to great health. 

Now read some of the reviews by yourself here:
Nancy wrote:
"I don't exactly know if it was because of these seeds but my blood sugar level went from 101 to 99 in less than two months, and I haven't been eating these seeds in a very consistent manner. Now that my sugar level is normal, I'm more encouraged to eat them daily. I would recommend them, especially to those who are borderline diabetic, like I was. One of my friends' mother ate them and her chronic coughing was gone... Read more of this fantastic review on Amazon

You can almost hear how this reviewer is shouting on top of his voice about how the moringa seeds helped their dad who suffered diabetes...
"My dad with diabetes has been eating these for the past 6 months and his glucose lever is much more stable. I highly recommend you give it a try if you are a diabetic. If you haven't eaten these before, try about 2-3 seeds... Continue reading this review on Amazon.

I did a background check on this wonderful moringa company and found out that their farm is located in sunny Florida and they can be contacted directly at 43415 Dixie Dr, Paisley, FL 32767, USA. Phone: +1 386-469-7917 or online here 

Lords Organics and Natural Wellness

This satisfied buyer had this to say about the Lords Organics and Natural Wellness Moringa seeds: "The anti-carcinogenic effects of moringa seeds are also quite well known. They can stop the growth and development of cancer cells by accelerating their death count. According to researchers, the intake of moringa seeds for 3 consecutive weeks can successfully restrain colon cancer. Not sure how true that is, but that is what I have read..." Read more

Lilipad Gardens

Lilipad gardens boast of:

  • 100% Organic
  • Fresh Harvested
  • Hand Picked for best quality moringa seeds.
One of the highly satisfied buyers who used the moringa seeds for weight loss has this to say: 
"Best seeds ever. Nice and clean I eat them right from the bag. The seeds have a sweetness about them. I have to chew them with something like a grain bar but other then that they are good. Just drink lots of water with them. And if you want to grow a tree they are good for that also. I've been using them to help me lose weight. And so far they are working... Continue reading and buy on Amazon

BuyAfrica Exports, LLC

This company sells moringa seeds from Africa, most likely, Ghana. They are grown on good soil, and organically managed.
Baker, who bought the seeds for their health benefits said that she is "Loving the product it awesome, it was delivered sooner than I anticipated. I've never taken these before but I'm very excited to see how these will help me health wise.

Palm Beach Medicinal Herbs

This company is offering:

  • Organically Grown Moringa tree seeds. 10 Rare Drumstick Tree Seeds
  • Harvested from non-GMO, organically grown Moringa trees, without the use of pesticides.
  • Grown and available all year from sunny south Florida
  • Seed will arrive in resealable plastic bag inside a paper envelope


  1. I'm going to have to google moringa seeds and see what kind of tree this grows to be. I love planting different things in my garden, but don't know if this will grow here.

    1. Sure thing, Grammie. If you are in a tropical/subtropical climate, it will grow very well. Blessings!

  2. Can i give moringa seeds to my dog and cat? and how many can they take?

    1. Yes please, Ricardo. Four seeds a day is ideal. Blessings!

  3. I brought some Moringa seeds and it had nets in it.Should I take them back to the store ?

    1. If the store has a return policy, yes. Blessings!

  4. My Dad is diabetic so I'll have to look into moringa seeds for him. I have never heard of this before.

    1. It will help him a lot, Michelle. And they have been with us for a long time now. :)

  5. moringa works, we started to know moringa in south africa since 2015

    1. Great! Surprise I believe you are putting them to good use. Blessings!


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