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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Benefits of eating moringa seeds

I have written an article that bordered on benefits of eating moringa seeds before. Today, I am simply adding more benefits you will derive from eating moringa seeds.
It is no longer news that moringa seeds have helped a lot of people with issues like:
Eye challenges

There is more to what moringa seeds are capable of doing. Honestly, I never knew that simply taking moringa seeds would ever help with high blood pressure. I have always believed that the moringa leaves are just best for managing high blood pressure until I was proven wrong by someone who has experimented with the moringa seeds and high blood pressure.
See the mail I received from Don this morning:
"hello my name is don , I have been taking two  moringa seeds  in the morning  for 3 days and my blood pressure has gone from 199/100 to 145/84 I am happy since my BP meds (lorartan 50mg) wasn't working at question is can i take 3 seeds , would this bring my BP lower  closer to 120 /60 also how long can i take the seeds , should i continue from now on ?appreciate the input , Don"
After reading this mail, it suddenly occurred to me that I have been limiting the power of Moringa seeds especially with respect to lowering of high blood pressure. So I decided to share with you so you can also see that...

High blood pressure lowering is among the Benefits of eating moringa seeds

What is high blood pressure? I have explained in this post how high blood pressure develops and how moringa leaves can help with it. 
It is exciting to know that simply eating moringa seeds has helped  Mr. Don lower high blood pressure from 199/100 to 145/84 within three days!

Henceforth, if you are suffering from high blood pressure, you can now take moringa seeds to also see if it works for you. My advice however is, kindly contact your doctor about it and also closely monitor your blood pressure level while on the moringa seeds and your medication. This is to ensure that your blood pressure level doesn't go too low. If your blood pressure level goes too low, it is termed low blood pressure. This condition too is dangerous! Kindly be informed. Learn how to take moringa seeds for best results. 

The recommended dosage for moringa seeds is a maximum of four per day.

benefits eating moringa seeds

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Now you know that taking moringa seeds is helpful for high blood pressure and not just arthritis, diabetes, pains, etc. Go ahead and use it and let me hear from you the results you got. 
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  1. Will you get benefits of moringa seed by just swallowing and not chewing as I don't like the taste at all?

    1. You may swallow too. But you get best results by chewing.


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