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Monday, October 2, 2017

Is Moringa good for pregnancy?

I keep getting questions bordering on moringa and pregnancy, such as is moringa good for pregnancy? Pregnant women always want to know if taking moringa while they are carrying their precious baby in the womb is the right thing to do or not. And rightly so. You cannot afford to have waited for long or tried so many times to have a baby and afterward be careless about it. So it is wisdom to learn about everything that you can possibly know about your pregnancy. 

Is Moringa good for pregnancy? "Yes na! Na waoh. Lol!"

is moringa good for pregnancy?

Therefore in this article, I will pose the questions and proffer the best answers. If your question is not answered at the end of the article, kindly post it as a comment and I will be glad to help with replies. Now the questions and answers...

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Question one: Is it good to take moringa seeds while pregnant?
No! This is about the most frequently asked question from my readers when they call on the phone to learn about the moringa oleifera and their pregnancy. Why did I say no? I will give the reasons so you appreciate it more.

For a number of people, taking moringa seeds makes them to purge. The purging could cause contractions and impact negatively on the walls of the womb resulting in premature delivery in late pregnancy stages. So the best advice is to avoid eating moringa seeds throughout the pregnancy period. On the hand, moringa leaf powder is highly recommended for the pregnant as it supplies lots of iron which is highly needful for them. So taking moringa leaves in any form (tea, fresh, dried, ground, etc) is advisable for you when you are pregnant.

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Question two: Will taking Moringa roots abort my pregnancy?
Yes! Moringa root barks contain two alkaloids which are known to be poisonous when taken in excess. Now the challenge is how do you know when you have taken in excess? So the advice is to remove the bark of roots before using it. But my personal advice is to avoid it totally. 

is moringa good for pregnancy?My younger brother once told me a not-too-good story about the moringa when I first started researching on it. He said one day that, usually young men came to dig out the roots of the moringa tree in our compound to give to their girlfriends to abort pregnancies! I was surprised to learn about that. 

Ever since I knew about that I keep advising just anyone to avoid the roots completely. So once again, taking moringa leaves alone will do you 100% good as a pregnant woman. Do not border yourself with the roots. Let the roots support the tree and conduct nutrients to the leaves for you to enjoy. Period!
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Question three: Can I take moringa leaves throughout the duration of my pregnancy?
My advice is to stop taking the leaf products at some point say at the third trimester. The third trimester begins in week 28 of pregnancy and lasts until you give birth, which may be around week 40 of pregnancy. Why should you stop eating moringa leaves at this time? The reason is simple. Taking moringa leaves help your unborn baby to develop well. 

Of course, it is getting nutrients from you. So you are not the only benefiting from it. When it is Thirty-five weeks into your pregnancy, or 33 weeks after conception,  your baby is gaining weight rapidly — about 1/2 pound (230 grams) a week for the next one month. The good thing is you can check the weight of your baby during ultrasound scan.

Have you noticed that malnourished children gain weight after taking moringa leaves for some time? Yes! they do. So your unborn baby too would add some weight while you are on it. So to avoid it becoming too big for you during delivery so the Doctors do not have to cut you for the baby to come out, it is wisdom to stop taking at some point. 

On the other hand, if the ultrasound shows your fetus is underweight, it is good to eat the moringa leaves as much as you can. But watch out so it does not go grow too big anyways. So get it straight, you may not take moringa leaves throughout the duration of your pregnancy. Generally, it is advisable to stop when you the pregnancy gets to the third trimester which begins in week 28 of your pregnancy.

Question Four: Do moringa seeds prevent pregnancy?
Moringa seeds do not prevent pregnancy per se. Rather it helps people to conceive. So if you are trying to conceive, you may take moringa seeds. Many have reported getting pregnant after taking moringa seeds. But like I have always said, always stop as soon as you get pregnant. And continue taking only the leaves and leaf products until the third trimester as stated in answer to question three above.
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Question Five: Does Moringa oleifera cause miscarriage?

Taking Moringa roots could result to a miscarriage. I could keep on stressing this point over and over again. Do not take moringa roots even if you are not pregnant. But if you must eat moringa roots for any reason, make sure you are scraping off the roots bark. Again, if you are pregnant, DO NOT EAT MORINGA ROOTS. This could result to a miscarriage. Did you understand what I mean? I hope you did. Now let us go the next question which is controversial.

Question Six: How moringa can prevent pregnancy?

Some websites put it that moringa is used as a contraceptive and I tell you this is not TRUE! All research results always show that taking moringa oleifera, especially the leaves improves the rate of pregnancy and the number of babies particularly in animals. So how on earth will moringa turn out to be a contraceptive? For instance, this research reports that the incidence of twin births also increased dramatically with moringa feeds: 3 per 20 births as opposed to the usual average of 1:1000.

So apart from the moringa roots and flowers, I advise you take all the other moringa parts and be rest assured you will rather have babies. Moringa leaves and seeds especially are highly recommended for those trying to conceive as it improves fertility in both males and females.

Now you have understood, right? Else ask any other questions under the comments section below.

Question Seven: Is moringa oleifera good for pregnancy?

Absolutely. Moringa oleifera leaves are good for pregnancy. When you are pregnant, use the leaves sparingly to avoid having a baby that is too big for delivery. Also, stick to moringa leaves once you get pregnant as stated above.

Question Eight: What connects Moringa with Pregnancy?

What connects moringa with pregnancy, you asked. The connection is that if you are trying to conceive, taking moringa leaves and seeds will enhance your chances of getting pregnant. But when already pregnant, STOP the seeds and eat the leaves SPARINGLY.

Question Nine: Is Moringa recommended for Pregnancy?

Question Ten: What is the connection between moringa and pregnancy?

See answer to question Nine above. 

Question Eleven: can moringa make you fertile?

Yes, moringa makes infertile men and women fertile. So if you have infertility concerns, start and continue taking moringa seeds and leaves consistently till pregnancy is achieved.

Question Twelve: What dosage of moringa leaf should I take when I am pregnant?

Take the moringa leaf powder, one tea spoon twice/thrice daily.

Question Thirteen: Can I take moringa oil when I am pregnant?

No! Kindly avoid drinking moringa oil when pregnant since moringa oil is extracted from the seeds.

Question Fourteen: Is moringa flower recommended during pregnancy?

No! Kindly avoid Moringa flower when pregnant.

Question Fifteen: Is it safe to take fresh moringa pods when I am pregnant?

No. You may NOT take the fresh, tender moringa pods when pregnant.

From the inbox: 

Question: "I Made It A Task Upon Myself To Take Boiled Moringa Leaves Every Night Before Bed Time To Detoxify My Liver. Now I Am 7  weeks Pregnant,is It Still Advisable To Continue Moringa Night Routine?"
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Generally, it is always safer to learn just about anything you can possibly learn with respect to pregnancy. Apart from moringa, there are many other food substances that the pregnant woman should not eat and there are still some that are highly recommended. Moringa leaves can be eaten by the pregnant safely. But avoid all other forms of moringa products, ranging from moringa seeds to moringa flowers when pregnant. Did this article bless you? Kindly share with others.

Did I leave any question on your mind unanswered? Kindly leave comments with your concerns below. Blessings!

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  1. gudday,
    will it make a difference if i will drink boiled malunggay leaves with its tiny branches?
    or the benefits are still the same.

    1. Absolutely. The benefits are still the same. Blessings!

  2. i have been searching online about moringa for fertility, and on many alternative health websites moringa is recommended to increase fertility but with no research or study reference to the claim.


    The websites that tag moringa as intifertility herb give reference to the studies and research.
    so its quite confusing could you plz comment. I have read all your answers above.

    Thanks in advance.

  3. Many things can put you at high risk. Being called "high-risk" may sound scary. But it's just a way for doctors to make sure that you get special attention during your pregnancy. Your doctor will watch you closely during your pregnancy to find any problems early. Elle Rushford

  4. The Moringa trees have been planted and grown recently for years in countries of Africa where mothers used to birth extremely malnurished children. The mothers have since been having healthy births and the records and research show that they are providing breastmilk in abundance. Do some research on this.

  5. Good Day,

    Would like to know if is safe for one can drink moringa tea while on contraceptives?


  6. please, moringa helped me boost my energy (am 9weeks pregnant) but how much tea can i drink????

    1. Taking 1-2 tea bags a day is ideal dear. I wish you well. Blessings! :)

  7. Moringa is good for men ?! Or it will effect the sex life of men ???

    1. It is very good for men. It enhances men's sexual life like crazy!

  8. Can I use a body cream that contains moringa in its components safely while pregnant? Want to use it on my belly. It says "moringa olofeira seeds oil" in the ingredients. Not sure if external use will create some problems as well.
    Please advise and thanks in advance!

    1. Hello Annette. I believe just applying moringa oil on your belly is not a challenge. It is safe to do that while pregnant.
      I wish you safe delivery.

  9. Is Moringa leaves & pods mixed in a capsule safe during pregnancy?
    Also, can moringa leaves enhance breast milk supply after the child birth?
    Thank you~

    1. Yes, moringa leaves and pods mixed in a capsule are simply okay for pregancy. Sure, they enhance breast milk supply too.

  10. I have severe headache after taking moringga powder. Why this happens?

    1. It may be that your body is yet to get accustomed to taking moringa powder. But if the headache persists, kindly stop taking it please.

  11. Yes, it is absolutely true that one should always try to learn about the pregnancy and be caution about that. To avoid the pregnancy related problems she should always have a pregnancy planning. A good plan will help her to reduce the problems during the pregnancy.


    1. You may take a good brand of moringa tea.

  13. Hello i have a question, id like to take 1 tea spoon of moringa dry powder everyday can i do so? I want to take it during my whole pregnancy. My friend who grows it took it during her whole pregnancy. Could i do the same without any danger? Im underweight my goal is to help my baby with a healthy weight. Thank you :)


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