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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Recipe: How to eat moringa seeds with honey for sexual libido enhancement

Are you wondering why the title: How to eat moringa seeds with honey for sexual libido enhancement? You probably do not like the taste of moringa seeds. Do you? Many people don't like it. You are not alone. It is rather funny that many of the highly beneficial plant substances are not sweet. Come to think of it: Bitter leaf is highly beneficial but very bitter. What about bitter cola? You know it does not taste well at all but very good for the body. I eat them almost daily that is how I know.
Did you know you can make moringa oil from seeds at the comfort of your home?

For instance, I traveled one day to some place and started feeling funny. I was stressed out; while sleeping that night, I forgot to cover myself and exposed myself to cold too. The following day I knew I needed to stuff my body with some of those bitter but beneficial plant products to help myself. What did I do? I asked them to cut bitter leaves, moringa leaves, ginger roots and cook for me. After taking that concoction, I felt a lot relieved.

Last night I came back from a very hectic day. And just two days ago, I traveled from Abuja to Makurdi(All in Nigeria) and has been a little stressed from the journey too. When I got home last night it became obvious that my body needed something to help me feel good. My stomach was just aching like never before...I had a stomach upset of some sort. I knew moringa seeds would help me but the taste wanted to keep me from having them.

I entered our kitchen and pulled the moringa seeds from the cupboard and just as I was about to leave, I sighted the honey bottle and thought to myself, honey is both sweet and medicinal, therefore I would take both. You know it was in a bid to hide the not too good taste of moringa seeds that I went for the honey in the first place. But at the end of the day, I got double benefits from taking the both of them and was happy I tried it.

The truth is I woke up very sound and feeling like it. The men will understand what that means. So I discovered the recipe accidentally.

How to combine moringa seeds with honey

  • First, peel the moringa seeds and pop into your mouth. Do not chew yet.
  • Next take a teaspoon of honey and put into your mouth.
  • Then start chewing the moringa seeds.
Results: I slept almost immediately and when I woke up few minutes before 3 a.m., I was feeling so good. Then I noticed that my joystick too was pumped. Lol! It was then I remembered the moringa seeds and honey that I took just before going to bed. It worked!

Recommendations on how to take moringa seeds with honey for sexual libido enhancement for men

  1. Take them as the last thing before going to bed. 
  2. Take two moringa seeds and a teaspoon of honey. You may take four moringa seeds and two teaspoons of honey for better results.
  3. Use Original honey. Don't know where to get? Buy Raw Organic Honey on Amazon.
  4. Make sure you drink water after taking them.
  5. Ensure your wife is ready when you are up at night and your joystick is jumping. Lol!
Moringa seeds for sexual libido

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