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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

How Moringa Oil aids in Weight Loss

What is Moringa oil good for?


You may be wondering, how else can one put moringa oil to good use? Yes, it is already a known fact that it can be used both topically and internally. Now apart from rubbing on your skin for skin blemishes, massaging on joints for arthritis and drinking for prostate gland nourishment, there is more to Moringa oil. I personally drink it mostly when extracting it myself - See video below:

I also give it to my children anytime they catch cold. It is really good for colds especially among children.

Did you know you can make moringa oil from seeds at the comfort of your home?

....What else can you use moringa oil for? 

There are so many other benefits of moringa oleifera oil: Moringa oil is good for the face, it is very good for the hair, etc.

For many people, weight loss is a common goal. Whether it is for the purpose of looking better, being more confident, or prioritizing health, a lot are interested in getting rid of unwanted pounds. This, however, is not going to be an easy undertaking. The mere fact that you have to observe strict diet and regular exercise routine can already discourage many, and hence, derailing them in their weight loss journey. In order to enhance the effectiveness of the steps that you are already undertaking, one thing that could possibly be helpful would be the use of Moringa oil. 

Before we discuss how to use Moringa oil for weight loss, let us first have a quick look at where it is from. This plant is a native in the countries of Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan. It is an important source of food in these countries. More than such, it is also known for its medicinal value, especially the oil that can be extracted from such, which is asserted to be effective for weight loss. Keep on reading and we’ll let you know more about Moringa oil and how it can help in your weight loss journey. To see how moringa oil is benefiting real people, visit the Moringa oil page on Amazon to read their reviews.

Manual Extraction of Moringa Oil

If you want to be traditional and have the assurance that the Moringa oil will be safe from toxic ingredients, you can make your own. This can be tricky, but once you have the materials required and the knowledge on how it can be done, things will be a lot easier. The first thing that you need is a manual machine that will expel oil from the seeds. It usually comes with a hand crank. Next, you need to have your seeds. Their harvest season is usually January, which means that supply can be abundant. Make sure that the seeds are dry and clean before they are processed and extracted. Once you are done, keep the oil in a jar and use it as desired. I have posted on how to extract moringa oil so you can read or buy the ebook that explains it better still. See video below:

An Easier Alternative 

If you do not have the time and effort to go through the process that has been mentioned above, there is one better alternative – purchase Moringa oil that has already been processed and ready to be used. There are many commercially-available products that are available, even online. This will provide you with a convenient platform to have your oil. 

Using Moringa Oil 

If you are still wondering on how to use Moringa oil for weight loss, one of the things that you can do is to add it in your tea. It can also be added as a main ingredient to your smoothie or to any drink. You can even add it on your soup. Just make sure to buy authentic Moringa oil to be assured of its benefits. See also how to use Moringa seeds for weight faster weight loss.


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