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Friday, June 10, 2016

Zambia urges promotion of Moringa Cultivation.

According to Post Zambia, THE Engineering Institution of Zambia (EIZ) says the moringa tree, a ‘wonder’ plant with multiple functions, is a tool for rural development and can create wealth for poor farmers.
Speaking during a special lecture on “the potential of the moringa tree for poverty alleviation and rural industrialisation”, EIZ president George Sitali said the level of awareness of the benefits of Moringa and its efficacy to expedite rural industrialisation was too low.

“Agriculture has a big impact on the Zambian
industrialisation hence the need to encourage the growth of the moringa tree for use in poverty alleviation in Zambia. Though the levels of awareness of its uses and evidence of its efficacy among resource-farmers in Zambia is generally low, moringa tree and its by-products is a tool for rural development and can play a role in wealth creation for poor farmers,” Sitali told various stakeholders at Lusaka’s Government Complex on Tuesday night.

Moringa tree has been reported to be a wonder plant that is useful for human and animal nutrition, health, cosmetics, bio-gas and water purification, among other uses.”
Sitali noted that Zambia needed to tap into the wealth of its natural resources to industrialise the economy. Get details of the story here


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