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Friday, April 15, 2016

Practical Moringa Oil Extraction Guide: A step by step easy to follow instructions.

Hello dearly beloved, it is with a great passion that I pen down this powerful Cold pressed Moringa oleifera oil extraction eBook. It came as a result of the desire to make available an easy to use guide for you who are interested in expelling oil from the Moringa oleifera seeds using simple moringa oil extraction machines and due to requests by people.
Moringa oil press
Having used different moringa seed oil extraction machines before, I realized that it is easier to expel oil from a manual machine especially for people who are looking at doing it as a business. It is very economical and highly efficient.

So it is a privilege to be making this available to the masses at a time like this when moringa oil needs are increasing globally with cosmetic companies, nutritional industries and pharmaceutical industries demanding for more volumes. I believe the book is filling the gap for information on how to effectively and economically produce moringa oil anywhere in the world.

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This eBook is written to teach you how to extract oil from moringa seeds using the manual oil expeller (COLD PRESS). The expeller can be used for other seeds like sesame, peanut, etc. But for the purpose of this eBook, we are not discussing how it can be used for the other seeds.
If you got this manual because you want to know how to make money with moringa oil business, I congratulate you as you are on your way to making good money once you get started. I am saying this with confidence, having been in the industry for some time. So get ready to be excited as you read on.

First things first, you need to have a number of materials for your work. Chiefly among them are the moringa oleifera seeds. If you are a moringa farmer, then you just need to harvest your seeds, remove from the pods and dry them. If you are not a farmer yourself and you don’t have access to a moringa farm either, you have to source for the seeds. That takes us to the next point…


Where do you get your seeds from? Good question, like I said earlier if you are a farmer, good for you. Else, you need to source for your seeds… You can contact us for supply of good quality moringa seeds. Be mindful of the fact that some moringa seeds do not produce good volume of oil! 

If you are not conversant with Moringa seeds, please wisdom is profitable to direct; find out from your supplier if the seeds yield a lot of oil. Ask them the time of harvest, as the longer the seeds stay after harvest, the less the volume of oil generated.

Kindly note that moringa seeds are seasonal… it then means you would have to target the peak season and buy in bulk to store. That is for you that want to do oil business sustainably. That way, when the off peak period comes, you will only be smiling and making cool money. Laugh out Loud (Lol!)

Probably the next question on your mind is what times of the year are the peak and off peak periods? Yes, just like other seeds and nuts like peanuts (groundnuts), walnuts, etc., Moringa seeds have a season. Harvest period usually starts around January in some parts of the world. And off season period, when the seeds are usually very scarce starts somewhere around September yearly.

Please note: If you are buying from a far place, it is always better to ask for a small sample to see how it looks first before making bulk orders. This is to ensure that you are getting good quality moringa seeds. Always ask your suppliers to sort the seeds properly, and clean them thoroughly. This is to avoid having much debris that adds to the weight of the seeds. Most times they sell in kilograms. But you may find some suppliers selling in bags or some other forms of measurement.
So wisdom demands that you buy during harvest in bulk to store for later use. Now that we have established where and how to source for your seeds, let’s move on.


Follow these steps in preparing your seeds before extraction:

Harvest pods when fully mature

Sort seeds and remove any that are bad, moldy or rotten

Dry seeds - moisture content should NOT be higher than 10%
        (You may dry the seeds before or after dehulling)

Remove husks or seed coats; you may dehull (shell) only 50%

Separate the seeds from the chaff
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