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Thursday, April 28, 2016

How to extract moringa seed oil - The Manual Moringa oil press

We started a series of posts under Practical Moringa Oil Extraction Guide: A step by step easy to follow instructions. These are the previous posts: Moringa oil Extraction and how to make cold pressed moringa oilToday we would look at the Moringa oil press or Oil expeller as others call it. 

This is a continuation from the last postTo appreciate this post better, it is recommended you read the previous posts first. This article is culled from the ebook: HOW TO MAKE MONEY PRODUCING AND MARKETING MORINGA OIL USING SIMPLE MACHINESIt is the best guide ever written on How to extract Moringa oil. To buy the ebook, click here

Properties of the oil expeller:
  • Sturdy design
  • Easily adaptable to many different oil seeds
  • High extraction efficiency
  • Continuous expelling
  • Manually operated (no external power source required)
  • Almost no maintenance required
  • Seeds can be expelled including seed coat
  • Simple operation
  • Compact tool (2.2 kilograms)

Parts of the oil expeller:

The following are the different parts and accessories of the manual oil press:
  1. Press cage
  2.  Bolts
  3. Washers
  4. Nuts
  5. Crank
  6. Adjustment Bolt
  7. Wick
  8. Spindle
  9. Bottle
  10. Expel cup
  11. Spanner
  12. Screws
Did you know you can make moringa oil from seeds at the comfort of your home?

Moringa oil

How to assemble the Manual Moringa oil press

  • Setup a strong base for the expeller to be bolted onto.

When mounting the machine, on the wooden table, the expeller should be bolted at the bottom of the frame and the chassis on the back.
If not properly attached to the table or bench top the machine will be moving while turning the expeller handle.

Take the time to build a very secure base or frame to attach the expeller. Dealing with a wobbly frame during expelling is dangerous! Your hand may slip off the handle or the device may come loose or the flammable liquid in the heater bottle may break away from its tether.

Moringa seeds are soft so there is not much resistance from the handle. But it is important to note that in the course of the expelling process it is not advisable to stop turning the handle!
Why? Because if this happens, the pressed cake hardens and the device will get stuck! When we started out newly, it was the first experience we had… So I learnt it the hard way! I don’t want you to have a similar experience. So once again, do not stop turning the handle while the seeds are still inside.
First put the chassis of the expeller on the table as shown below.

moringa oil extraction machine

    Insert the bolts to the two vertical holes, put the washers and tighten the nuts. See picture below.

Insert the screw bolts to the table top in the two holes and repeat what you did in the previous step as shown in the pictures below. This will fasten the chassis to the table firmly.

How to extract moringa seed oil 
Insert the washer to the crank. This is very important. If you do not put the washer, it could damage the press cage. So always remember to put the washer before inserting the crank to the press cage.

make moringa oil machine

Grease the washer using vegetable oil. This is to avoid wear and tear.
This is also very important.

how to make moringa oil

How to ensure Smoother running of the wear washer

The Manual oil expeller runs smoother when a leather washer is mounted on either side of the metal washer. This prevents wear on the washer.

making moringa oil

Below is a description:
  • Take a smooth piece of leather of approx. 1 mm thickness.
  • Cut out two rings with a maximum diameter of 28 mm and a hole of 14 mm.
  • You can also make two hole punches from pipes of suitable diameter to which a sharp edge is ground (see bottom picture).
  • Slide the washers onto the expeller screw with the metal washer in between.

making moringa oil

The next thing you want to do is the insert the crank into the press cage.

Moringa oil press


7. Now you can screw in the cup. Remember to oil the cup and thread very well before screwing it in.

Moringa oil press


Ensuring that the device is very secure will make the expelling less troublesome.

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