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Monday, April 25, 2016

How to Make Cold Pressed Moringa Oil

Welcome to the second post in the Practical Moringa Oil Extraction Guide: A step by step easy to follow instructions. In the previous post in this series, we learnt that we needed to begin the moringa oil extraction process by first getting
moringa seeds either from our farms or buying online or offline from farmers. We also learnt how to prepare the gathered seeds prior to expelling moringa oil from them. In this post, we would learn...
How to Make Cold Pressed Moringa Oil


Having gathered your seeds it is logical to shell them. Now if you are one of the persons who do not shell before expelling, you may as well skip this step. Else, you shell with a machine or mortar and pestle. Or manually break them like shown in this picture(Picture is in the ebook)
For larger quantities of seeds, it is better to use the moringa shelling machine. Below is a picture of a moringa shelling machine…(Picture found in the ebook)

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It is very important that you dry the moringa seeds to a minimal moisture content of about 8 to 10%. This is important because if you do not dry them enough, they will get stuck inside the machine and not produce oil… On the other hand, it is not advisable to dry too much. So either way is not good. So how do you then dry it to achieve desired results? Simple, as you expose the seeds to the sun for drying, if it is very sunny, allow it there for a maximum of 5 hours for decorticated (shelled) seeds and maximum of 10 hours for un-decorticated seeds.

Having dried the moringa seeds to the required moisture level, it is time to head to the machine to do the oil extraction proper. If this is your first time, you need to know how to assemble and mount the oil press for the first use. There are different kinds of moringa oil extraction machinery. One type is manual and other electrical: these are the two broad groups of the machinery- Manual and Electrical. If, like many people, you live in a place where there is less constant power supply, I would you get a manual oil press for your moringa oil extraction endeavours.

If on the other hand you have constant power supply at your location, then it is recommended you go for the electrical machine. Below are the pictures of both machines.


For the purpose of this tutorial, we would be using the Manual oil press for illustrations...
In the second ebook, I will explain the electrical oil press processes.
After procuring your oil press, the next thing is to assemble the parts so as to commence work. You need a sturdy table top to use in your mini factory. 

Worldwide many oil containing seeds are produced or gathered from wild plants.
Small scale processing of the seeds is frequently not an option or the oil extraction rate is too low. The MANUAL oil expeller fulfils a need in this respect.

It is a low cost expeller for the small scale oil seed processor.
Almost any conceivable oil seed with more than 25% oil to seed can be processed, normally without any pre-treatment.

Oil and press cake can be sold in the local market respectively for household use or as protein concentrate in animal feed. Processing of home grown as well as purchased oil seeds is possible. However, the MANUAL oil press is also ideally suited to serve a migrating contractor going from farm to farm.
In the next post, we will delve proper into how to assemble and mount the oil press machinery proper.

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  1. How do you remove the seeds from the fruit?

    1. You use a dehulling machine(Contact me on +2348065387819 for the machine) or manually do it using mortar and pestle. Blessings!


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