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Monday, February 29, 2016

Top Moringa Seeds Benefits

moringa seeds benefits
Moringa seeds benefits are enormous. Here I will highlight the important health benefits of moringa oleifera seeds. I don't want to take for granted that you know the best way to take moringa seeds. In case you don't know, kindly read how to take moringa seeds for best results. Now let us look at some of the health benefits of moringa seeds below.

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Moringa and diabetes

Moringa seeds are highly beneficial for people suffering from diabetes as it helps to control the blood sugar level among diabetics. A number of them consuming moringa seeds have seen good results. I remember a case of one Pastor who contacted us about two years ago and reported that he had a diabetic sore. A diabetic sore is used to describe a wound that diabetics suffer from which is almost always incurable. So we gave him Moringa oil to use along side fonio rice (Acha) and advised him on some lifestyle changes to adopt. As God will have it, the man was healed of the diabetic sore. He became assuaged of the fears of leg amputation, what many diabetics end up with. So the good news is that you can now moringa diabetes. If you are diagnosed with diabetes, do not be afraid, you are not alone, and others have been managing it using moringa among other natural remedies. That is why I said you now moringa diabetes

Recommended dosage relating Moringa and diabetes

Moringa leaf powder is also highly beneficial for diabetics. My recommendation is that you follow this recipe: Combine fonio rice (acha), moringa seeds, moringa leaf powder and moringa oil if you are diabetic. Prepare the fonio rice (acha) pudding in which you can add the moringa leaf powder and oil morning and evening; chew two seeds of the moringa seeds daily-either one morning, one at night or two at once in the morning or last thing before going to bed. You can also make moringa tea from the fresh leaves by mildly heating them in water, straining the leaves to drink the Moringa water. 
Take three handfuls of the fresh moringa leaves and add 75 Cl of water, heat for three(3) minutes and strain the water. You may drink all at once or take half at a time and the remaining half any time later within twelve(12) hours. The best time to take this moringa tea prepared this way is immediately after meals.

But...Can Moringa seeds Cure diabetes?

I have mentioned earlier that you can effectively manage diabetes using Moringa seeds. I did not say it will cure! So kindly note that there are two types of diabetes: Type I and type II. In type I, the body is not able to produce insulin at all where as in type II, also known as metabolic diabetes, the body produces insulin but the body cells are not able to use it effectively to control the blood sugar level. Or the insulin produced is not enough.

Therefore, it is easier to manage type II diabetes than type I. For cures, they may happen but there are no scientific research findings to back the claim. So if someone tells you their diabetes has been cured, ask them to do a test and confirm. And if truly confirmed, have faith for yours too! God can do everything. He is the Miracle worker!

So what is the relationship between Moringa seeds and diabetes? How can moringa seeds help your diabetes?

Simply put: Moringa seeds will reduce the blood sugar level in your body. Moringa leaf too will modulate your blood sugar level. So you can effectively manage the diabetes using Moringa seeds, Moringa oil and Moringa powder in conjunction with fonio rice mentioned above. 

What Must I avoid if I am diabetic?

Avoid any sugary foods. Avoid starch as much as possible. You could eat fruits with less sugar content. Fruits like banana are a no no for you :) You shall overcome this condition by God's grace. Amen. 

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