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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Moringa oleifera seeds: How many should I chew in a day that will be ideal?

Moringa oleifera seeds
A lady sent me a text message on my phone and it read:
"Please Dr Moringa I need your help. I chewed 15 pieces of Moringa seeds on 14th Feb. and started experiencing spotting since 15th till now. Please what should I do? I will
call you in the next 4 minutes for solution please."

How many moringa seeds per day?

So the question is: exactly how many moringa seeds is one supposed to chew in a day and at a time? 

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My recommendation is... 
Only one(1) moringa seed a day is just alright for a start. 
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If you really want to take more, then my honest advice is you chew maximum of two(2) moringa seeds at a time and four in a day at any given time. Does chewing moringa seeds got any side effects? Yes! 
Too much of everything is bad, even water :) So kindly limit your 
moringa seeds intake to two seeds per time and AT MOST four(4) 
seeds per day and sixteen(12) per week. So you may decide to take
it on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, four each day. And please do not take for too long either. For example, taking moringa seeds for one year non-stop is a No No!

Moringa oleifera seeds side effects

Sincerely everything has side effects! So do not be surprised about the side effects of moringa seeds.
  1. Headaches: Some people have reported having headaches after taking the moringa seeds. Please note that not everybody experiences this headache. So do not expect it like it is a MUST for everybody.

  2. Diarrhea: Others experience real frequent stooling after chewing even only one moringa seed! Excessive stooling is not altogether good for everybody especially when you did not know that simply chewing moringa seeds could send you looking for the loo to poo! I have been embarrassed once after taking moringa seeds. I did not know it was going to do that. You know what? I literally pooed in my pants! That was not a funny one at all.

  3. Excessive blood flow during menstruation: I have heard reports from some of our clients who experienced excessive flow after taking moringa seeds. In fact one of them was real scared when that happened to her.

  4. Loss of early pregnancy: Just like the lady who sent the text message above, another lady had called two years ago to report seeing her blood after taking moringa seeds while she was few months pregnant. What that implied was that she lost the pregnancy! Therefore, avoid moringa seeds when pregnant as it could lead to the loss of pregnancy.

  5. Itching of the body: Some have also reported that they experienced itching of the body after taking moringa oleifera seeds.

  6. Too low blood sugar level: Again, when taking moringa seeds as a diabetic, always be careful so you do not experience too low blood sugar level.

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If you have experienced any other side effect due to taking of moringa seeds, kindly comment below.
On the other hand, if you take moringa oleifera seeds as recommended,  you will reap 
the following health benefits...

Moringa oleifera seeds health benefits 

The following are some of the health benefits of moringa seeds:

  1. Weight loss and slimming to shape
  2. Regulation of blood sugar level for those suffering from diabetes
  3. Pain relief
  4. Improved semen volume and sex drive
  5. Help with eye challenges.
  6. Aids in good sleep etc.

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