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Thursday, January 28, 2016

VIDEO: How to decant and bottle extracted Cold pressed Moringa oil

Extracting Moringa oil can be fun. Cold pressed moringa oil is the best for medicinal, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and industrial uses. To extract moringa oil using the cold press method, minimal or NO heat is applied in the process. Also the seeds are NOT browned (fried) before extracting. The Moringa oil extracted this way is usually golden yellow in colour and all the nutrients, especially vitamin E(tocopherol acetate), a powerful antioxidant, are still intact making the ben oil effective!
You may watch this video on Youtube

moringa oil

How to decant the extracted cold pressed Moringa oil

Last week, I posted a video on how I extracted moringa oil using a commercial automated oil press.
In this we are going to learn how to decant extracted moringa oil. The oil was left to separate into two layers. The process of leaving the oil to separate into the two layers is known as SEDIMENTATION. The upper layer is the moringa oil while the residue(sludge) settles at the bottom of the container. Usually the oil should be left for at least three days to properly sediment before decation/filtration and bottling. This oil was left for eight days. If left for this long, the sediment usually hardens out. The sediment comprises seed cake particles, water molecules and some impurities.

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Follow these steps to decant the oil

  1. Arrange the receiving container(in this case, empty PET bottles)
  2. Insert the funnel into the empty bottle to decant into. If using a big container, you may not use a funnel.
  3. Carefully pour the oil into the bottle, closely checking to prevent the sludge from mixing with the oil.
  4. Stop once the oil has poured out completely, leaving the residue behind.
  5. Cork the bottles immediately. 

The video subtitles...
So in this video we are going to decant it into these bottles now. The oil is clear so we don't need a filter. We are going to decant it directly into these bottles now. These are PET bottles we are going to make use of. The best bottles to put moringa oil for STORAGE are the bottles that are coloured - amber coloured 
Carefully let the oil flow now. The oil is more than this 60Cl bottle (by volume). So we are going to stop at some point to continue in the second bottle. We are careful so that the residue doesn't enter inside. So we leave it there...Not all the oil came out but we are careful not to include the residue. Ok.

We have to watch out for the residue so that it doesn't mix up with the oil. As soon as you notice the residue is coming out, you stop. Alright, so that is exactly how to decant cold pressed moringa oil. 

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How to Cork The Oil Bottles

So this is already decanted cold pressed moringa oil. This is now ready for sale, so you can actually buy this. Each bottle is 50cl. if you put the two together, you will get a litre. This oil was extracted from 5kg of shelled Moringa seeds. 
As soon as you have bottled the oil, cork them to keep the oil airtight. This will prevent oxidation of the oil and keep it from easily becoming rancid. If corked well, the oil can be stored for three to five years.

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Did you know you can make moringa oil from seeds at the comfort of your home?

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