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Friday, January 22, 2016

Video: How I extracted 5 kilograms of shelled Moringa Seeds within 5 Minutes!

I learnt how to extract moringa oil using a Mini Electrical Oil Press Machine in 2012, shown in the video below. The machine served until we sold it. Later we got a manual oil press which was more potable and easier to operate. It is a manual machine so it does not need electricity to operate. That too has been serving.
But this week, I discovered a better way to extract moringa oil. Trust me, it is the best method so far...
Moringa oil

On Tuesday, January 19, 2016 I took my wife and son in company of a Pastor friend to the park, and they boarded a vehicle to Abuja. Then I called my colleague, Mr. Ernest to find out if he was in the office. I just wanted to check on serious business. So I got to his office and after exchanging pleasantries I stood to leave. I wanted to go and pick our daughter at Steam Fast( An eatery) so we could go home.

But as I stepped out of his office, I noticed a bag of Moringa seeds at the porch and decided to check to see the quality. Then I spotted a gallon with oil beside the Moringa bag. Mr Ernest said that was Jatropha oil. He then explained how he was able to extract the oil at some press in town. And that caught my interest.

The next day Mr. Ernest and I drove to the oil mill. This was my first visit to an oil mill. Quickly the operator weighed the shelled moringa seeds I took and started the engine of the oil press as you would soon watch in the video. Believe me, I was amazed at what I saw. Within five(5) minutes, we had one litre of Moringa oil extracted. 

If you are wondering why I was amazed, it usually takes about 30 minutes to extract 1 kilogram of shelled moringa seeds using the manual moringa oil press I am used to! Now you appreciate what I am talking about right? Honestly, I could not hide my excitement. And come to check out, the oil quality is superb!

When my wife returned and I 'gisted' her about it, she was not less surprised and excited. At last we FOUND IT! The oil press, I learnt costs above four hundred thousand Naira to set up but it is worth it! It takes off the stress and saves lots of time and energy.
I will upload the oil pictures as soon as the Moringa Oil settles and after decanting. 

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I remembered the other video I uploaded in which I was operating the electrical mini oil press. This is the video of how I extracted Moringa oil using the mini oil press. Can you see the big difference? Watch the video here.

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Did you know you can make moringa oil from seeds at the comfort of your home?

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