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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Three ways to use MORINGA oil

Moringa oil is usually extracted from MORINGA seeds. The best MORINGA oil is usually processed from organic moringa oleifera seeds. Take note of the oleifera I mentioned as there are over ten (10) different species of the MORINGA genus. You may extract MORINGA oil yourself if you buy a MORINGA oil expeller and learn how to extract the oil. You can sell the oil to make money too, if you want to do it as a business. Learn how to make money producing and selling MORINGA oil.

Three ways to use MORINGA oil

These are three ways you can use MORINGA oil.
1. Moringa oil is used for Cooking.
You can cook with MORINGA oil. Due to its high oleic acid content, MORINGA oil is considered similar to olive oil and can be used for cooking just like olive oil.
Moringa oil

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2. Moringa oil is used in Massage Therapy
Have you ever visited a spa? You probably received a massage with MORINGA oil! Moringa oil is a very good massage oil just like avocado oil and the like. When used for massaging, moringa oil gives an unparralled relaxation experience. It relieves deep aches and leaves you refreshed and rejuvenated. So the next time you visit a spa, insist on Moringa oil:)

3. Moringa  oil is used as a supplement.
Can you drink raw MORINGA oil? Yes! What is the benefit of drinking mallungay oil? Numerous: it helps to dispel worms, it nourishes the prostate gland in men, it supports good eye sight, it alleviates pains, etc. Should PREGNANT WOMEN drink raw MORINGA oil too? No! Why not? Better wait after delivery, then you may drink and rub on your baby's skin too. Are these the only ways one can use MORINGA oil? No, not all... I will write more ways to use MORINGA oil, so check back to read.

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