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Wednesday, December 23, 2015


Moringa tree pictures for your viewing... Have you wondered how the moringa tree actually looks? Here I have put together a number of the pictures from different parts of moringa tree. It may surprise you to discover that the moringa tree we are talking about is just at your backyard but you didn't just know!

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Don't overreact when you discover that you have probably taken it for granted before and it is been celebrated all over the world. What you should rather do is to start making use of it once you are sure it is the moringa tree you have rightly identified. I remember when I started out on moringa, I didn't quite know it is jelegede I was researching about until my younger brother helped me out.
Now check these out. Happy viewing :)
Did you know you can make moringa oil from seeds at the comfort of your home?

Tender moringa leaves are shown above... Leaves are usually tiny and green. Some turn yellow and drop when matured.

Above is a Moringa plantation. Can you see the range of neatly aligned trees producing pods?
Below you will find the picture of fresh moringa pods. These pods can be eaten raw and/or boiled and eaten too.
Check it out...

Ever seen the Moringa flowers? Below is the picture of the beautiful flowers in bloom :) Enjoy!

Below you find a moringa tree with dried pods...
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Following is the picture of fresh moringa pods, cut from the tree.

Below is the picture of a young moringa tree....

More pictures to come.
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