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Sunday, December 13, 2015

How to get MORINGA BUYERS and export Moringa seeds

"How can I get contacts for my MORINGA seeds business?"
"Please help me, I want to export my MORINGA seeds."
"Please connect me with MORINGA buyers abroad."
"I need market for my MORINGA products,"
"Please how can I get foreign MORINGA buyers?"
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The above questions keep coming from people who call us from time to time.
Meanwhile, there are people who keep looking for MORINGA suppliers everywhere on Facebook groups to forums like NairaLand, etc.
This blog post is intended to help such people who genuinely want to get leads for their MORINGA products, especially the MORINGA seeds.

The following steps are what I suggest you do:
Join forums and classified ads sites such as and,  and create threads/posts to advertise for your products(especially MORINGA seeds, particularly if you are in Nigeria). Also using the search feature on the forum, type "MORINGA seeds" and you will see posts/threads of people looking for MORINGA to buy. You can contact them and arrange on how to carry on from there. Beware of 419ners! Do not send seeds to anybody until they have paid you. A word is enough for the wise. Look at the picture below, from NairaLand forum:
Moringa seeds buyers


Join and search for MORINGA groups and pages to join and like respectively. There is group, MORINGA CONNECTIONS, that is very functional that I recommend. It has over 3000 members! The group URL is Simply join the group and once approved, you can post your MORINGA products for sale and get potential buyers. To get MORINGA seeds buyers from this group easily, simply click the search field located at the TOP RIGHT side of the group and type "MORINGA BUYERS". you should see something like this picture: 

Moringa seeds supplier

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You may save the search too so that any further posts about MORINGA buyers in the group will automatically be sent to you by Facebook as an alert. When you do this search, you will find a number of people looking for bulk MORINGA seeds to buy.
For example, this person is from China, looking for tons of Moringa seeds to buy. Look at the picture below:

Moringa seeds buyers

You may contact such persons and do business and who knows, if all goes well, you can be exporting MORINGA seeds to China and making steady income. That is if you have the bulk moringa seeds to sell in this case. You would have to engage the services of a good freight forwarder if the buyer doesn't have one, to enable you transact the export business. Please always seek for professional fright forwarders you can trust. If you contact me, I can recommend one for you(if you are in Nigeria, looking to export bulk MORINGA seeds, NOT 10kilograms!) :)

Did you know you can make moringa oil from seeds at the comfort of your home?

I did a post about how to export small scale MORINGA seeds to China, from my own experience, where I mentioned that you can register on sites like as a seller and get leads for MORINGA seeds export. That is one way you could get leads. If you pay to become a premium member on those platforms, you may be literally bombarded by buyers! Read it here.

Start a blog like and post about your MORINGA farm/produce. If you do that, you can also have people visit the blog and contact you for sales. Most of the leads we get come from our blog. You can outsource on freelancing websites like or contact us for a MORINGA blog setup service. You can also advertise on our blog which has targeted visits.

If you cannot do the above illustrated steps, contact us for leads. Note that we would NOT give for free! So do not call and ask for free leads of Moringa buyers for export... :).
I hope this helps.

PS. If you are looking for MORINGA SUPPLIERS in Nigeria, we have a database of such suppliers amongst whom are farmers and dealers. You can get it for free. Simply contact us and request. If you would like to be added to the list as a Moringa Supplier too, let us know. 
Moringa suppliers list
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We help people sourcing for MORINGA seeds locally that way. You may give a freewill donation if you appreciate the service. 

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Kindly leave your comments below. We would love to hear from you. 

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