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Monday, January 12, 2015


Are you interested in knowing how to export Moringa seeds to China and other countries? Have you been wondering how to go about it? Then this article is for you. Read through carefully and if at the end you need more assistance, contact me on +2348065387819 via whatsapp.

Exportation is very simple! If you know the basic things to do you will be amazed how simple it is. Apart from Moringa seeds, other agriculture commodities like yams, bitter kola, ginger, charcoal are usually exported at huge profits by Nigerians. In this article, we are dealing with small quantity (30kg) exportation via expediated mail service, EMS ( For larger quantities (above 30kg to metric tonne (1000kg) of agricultural commodities) you will need to use sea shipping/air freight as the case may be. We would learn about that in another article.

The following outlines
the process of getting an export contract online and processing orders.
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First, you need to get a buyer of your Moringa seeds or other products online. How to get buyers online is simple too. Register with sites such as:

Some of the websites will display your contact details such as email address and/or phone numbers so that anybody interested in buying the advertised commodity will contact you.

Intending buyer contacts you via email or phone. Depending on what form of contact you registered with. Some of the serious buyers may request for sample in some cases. Not in all cases do buyers request you send them samples. If they do, offer to snap the commodity and send via mail. In our case, we snap the Moringa seeds and send via whatsapp/email so they see the quality of the product in question. Always try to exhibit integrity. That way any buyer will easily trust you. Some buyers just want to be sure you have the product you want to sell in stock.
Agree on a price with your buyer. This depends on your negotiation power. Usually the buyer will request for prices in US DOLLARS. It is your duty to convert the amount in Naira to its dollar equivalent. You can always do that via google. Eg. To convert N50000 to dollars, simply type on “convert 50,000 naira to dollars” and Google will display it for you.

Find out the cost of sending to the buyer’s country online at by clicking the online calculator once you are on the website, then choose the country you are shipping to and input the weight in kilograms. EMS accepts maximum of 30kgs (weight of packaging material inclusive) for export. Always ensure to add 5% VAT before giving the final cost to the buyer.

Please note that if the EMS staff decides to divide and package into smaller cartons you will be charged more. Instead if they tell you that they do not have a big carton, suggest getting one for yourself. Only ensure the total weight does not exceed 30kgs. Some EMS staff may tell you to limit your cargo to 25kgs.

Always add the EMS charges to the cost of the commodities before giving a total sum to your buyer. For example, if you are sending 30 kilograms of Moringa seeds,
Cost of Moringa seeds           -           $450
EMS charges                           -           $270 (5%VAT inclusive)
Total                                       -           $720
The sum total of $720 is what you will ask the buyer to pay.

The best mode of payment is via Western Union. Tell the buyer to send payments via western union. For western union payment you will be required to send the following information to the sender.
1. Your full name as it appears on any form of identification you are using eg. International passport, drivers licence, etc. 
2. Your address
3. Phone number.
4. Your Country.

For you to receive the western union payments, visit your bank and ask for or locate the western union section. You will be required to fill a form with information such as:
1. MTCN. A security number issued by western union and sent to you by the buyer
2. The name of the sender
3. The country
4. Question and Answer to a security question.
You will then be issued the payments. Now you can proceed to send the goods. Visit any NIPOST OFFICE and ask for EMS section. Tender the goods for packaging. Usually they use a customized tape and wrapper as shown above. Make payments and be issued receipts. Do a documentation including details of the product you are sending, names and addresses of sender and receiver, value of the product, signing, etc.
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After registering the cargo with EMS and payment, you will be issued a receipt which carries the TRACKING NUMBER at the top right corner of the receipt. Copy that number out and send to your client for tracking online at

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