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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

How I was Paid $164 (N25,000) AWOOF! By a Certain Moringa Company in the US

This post was mandated by the fact that the money in question came as a total surprise... To be frank with you, I was so rich that day. You understand what I mean by that. I was expecting money from my client whom I was to teach importation business online. So I sat in the cafe in front of my laptop with my friend, working as usual. Then a call came in and I picked it and discussed with the person. While still on the phone, I heard the sound of a text message entering my phone. So after the call, I checked the sms that had entered. Lo and behold I saw an alert of N25,000 in my Ecobank account!

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What! The transaction details had it that a certain Moringa company in the US with whom we have been doing business just sent in the payment. For what na? The next thing I would do was to check at the nearest ATM to confirm the payment. And truly that was it. This company decided to dash me money, I thought to myself. I did not even bother to check my back office account with the company online till today.

Somehow I remembered and decided to check while working online. Having checked my account today, I discovered that some person by the name of Selina Lee, from China had made a purchase using my business link and the company paid me the commission off her purchase as shown in the diagram below. Sincerely, I did not lift a finger! I did not do anything extra...No pitching...No nothing. Infact I did not even know up till now where she actually saw my link to buy. All I know is she made a purchase and money entered my account... chikina! The money came just like that... Na wa o!

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If that is how residual income works, then I am going to do it!

Now let me explain what must have happened. Because I have a website where I promote that aspect of the business. For some reasons, I do not want to mix it here. But if you want to know more about the Moringa business and the company I am talking about, click here. or  call  +2348065387819 to hear from me.

Imagine this person just bought Moringa products from far away China from the Moringa company and me here in Nigeria is making N25,000 COMMISSIONS just like that? That is making money online while you sleep. 

Then it makes sense... Come on!
"Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus." 1Thess. 5:18

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