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Wednesday, May 14, 2014


I was on my way to Ososo, a community in Edo State of Nigeria for a seminar on the Medicinal,
Economic and Nutritional benefits of Moringa oleifera.
But because I took off late from Portharcourt that day, I had to stop over at Auchi since it was already very late. In my hotel room early the following morning, while going through my presentation slides, a call came in.

As usual I picked the call and listened on my end to this woman. But she said something rather startling. She first appreciated my post on Moringa seeds which has BEEN READ OVER 300,000 TIMES at and continued...

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"...But you did not include side effects of taking moringa seeds..."

She went ahead saying she is a Dietician. That she has been educating others about the benefits of Moirnga oleifera and had been swallowing one moringa seed daily for a year plus. When she started, according to her, she weighed 72 kg an d that now she is weighing about 32 kg! That means she has LOST OVER 40 kg swallowing moringa seeds one seed per day.

She also said now she has been having cramps, she doesn't eat normally, etc.
She says to have consulted with her Doctor who advised her to stop the moringa seeds.

When I probed to know why she did not stop taking the seeds after losing an appreciable weight. Her response was amusing and quite interesting. She said because people were complementing her beauty with comments like: YOU ARE LOOKING YOUNGER, YOU ARE LOOKING GOOD, ETC. As a woman, those complementary statements entered her head and she kept on enjoying swallowing the seeds.

Having listened to all she had to say, I infered that MORINGA SEEDS could pose a problem if taken for TOO LONG, CONSISTENTLY ON A DAILY BASIS...

My advice?

Take Moringa seeds with wisdom! I keep saying too much of everything is BAD!

But on the other hand, could this really be the first recorded side effect of Moringa oleifera seeds? Have you had a similar experience or something close to it? Do you have any concerns after taking Moringa seeds?

Did you know you can make moringa oil from seeds at the comfort of your home?

Kindly post your comments regarding ANY SIDE EFFECTS DUE TO TAKING MORINGA SEEDS below.

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