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Friday, May 23, 2014


Hello Dearly Beloved.
I am excited as I type this post for these reasons:

1. I love making freebies available to others, having enjoyed a lot of them myself. For instance, we have received many Bibles sent to us from many ministries and we, on the other hand have given them ALL OUT... To request FREE BIBLES, visit this link. 
You see, life is about GIVING! No wonder The Book says it is more blessed to give than to receive.

2. I have been looking for how to make free Moringa seeds available to people on a larger scale(I am still looking). But here I have found an organization which has been doing that for years-not bulk seeds though!

3. More people will get to have access to Quality Moringa seeds at no extra cost...

I remember a day I was with a colleague at a Moringa conference and he mentioned that he had received Free Samples of Moringa seeds from some organization and I was like Hmm!
Now I love making this kind of information to go viral...Trust me!

So here we go. 

Exactly how can you get Free Moringa seeds?

I was at a Moringa workshop organized by an NGO-Rural Transformation Foundation where moringa seeds were FREELY distributed among the attendees-members of Ososo community in Edo State, Nigeria. Truly I was glad to see that happen and challenge other NGOs to do same in other communities in Nigeria, Africa and beyond.

Now if you are looking for sample moringa seeds, you could request from this organization-Educational Concerns for Health Organization ECHO. ECHO can provide trial-sized quantities of Moringa oleifera at no charge to those who are doing agricultural development work. For others or those seeking larger quantities, contact us for prices. 
Check on page 17 of the Report you will be sent after requesting below.

In order to help you get more that Moringa seeds and have you educated on how to use them, I implore you to request the Free Report in which you will find amazing info about Moringa put together by the same organization.

So here we go... Simply Click 

Get the Free Report

Did you know you can make moringa oil from seeds at the comfort of your home?

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