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Saturday, March 15, 2014


In the previous post, I outlined five ways to make money online/offline doing moringa businesses…
      In this post, I will be dishing more ways. 
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  • Importation of Moringa Products Processing Machinery

More people are starting moringa processing business and need machinery such as capsule machines, tea machines, oil extracting machines, shellers, tamper proof machines, driers, etc. You can buy from or other sites and sell for huge profits if you know online importation. If you don’t know, learn! I read a book titled LEARN IT! DO IT! SELL IT! Chapter one says “You can learn everything!” and that is absolutely true…
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I have personally been making money by helping people to import moringa processing machines. Honestly, importation business is good if you know your onions. And it is very simple and easier to do nowadays. For instance the other day I ordered three oil extracting machines for some clients and within a month they arrived. Guess what? I made good money from that deal and you too can!

Did you know you can make moringa oil from seeds at the comfort of your home?
  • Processing moringa products for yourself and others

    Another way you can make money from moringa business is by setting up a processing plant to process your products and for others, charging them a fee. Let me explain. Drying moringa leaves can be tedious. But if you have a drying machine which can get you dried leaves within few hours and all you do is dry leaves for others for a fee, charging say $2 per kilogram of wet leaves, you can be sure to be making not less than $200 per day for example. Multiply by 25 days and you can realize $5000 per month! 
     Or take for instance those who want to produce moringa oil but do not own the machinery yet. You can help them extract for a fee too. What about encapsulation? You can as well offer to encapsulate moringa leaf powder for those who would subscribe to your services for a fee.

  • Affiliate marketing of moringa products

Another stream of Moringa business income is affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is simply selling products/services offered by merchants via affiliate networks such as,, etc. But how do you make money with it? Simple! 

Register with your preferred network and choose products you want to sell, in this case, moringa products. Get affiliate links of the products and promote on your blog, website, forums, social media, etc. Each time anybody buys from your link, you are paid a percentage of the sale. Again, learn it!

  • Exportation of moringa products

Many pharmaceutical companies need moringa as raw material for their line of pharmaceutical products. Others include cosmetics industries, food supplement industries, etc. If you have a big moringa farm where you harvest large quantities of moringa parts like the leaves, seeds, pods, and flowers, you can register with the export promotion council of your country and having received all the required papers, you will be able to start exporting your products for foreign exchange. 

Go to and advertise your products. most companies prefer dealing with clients who can supply large quantities consistently for long periods. If you strike a good deal, you can imagine what that means. But you need to have a large moringa farm(several hectares) so as to meet their demand.

  • Moringa Network Business

Did you know that the Master Distributor and top earner in a moringa network distribution company makes 7 figures in dollars? It may amaze you but it is true that there is a multi-billion dollar Moringa Network Distribution company offering  an opportunity to make more money and live a life of freedom same time. And you can be involved today! Now, it is my opinion and I would like for you to consider it objectively before opting in. To find out more, click here.

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