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Thursday, March 13, 2014


This post is dedicated to the teeming population of unemployed African youth scattered across the continent: from Egypt to South Africa; Ethiopia to Nigeria. As a continent,
we are so blessed with a lot of natural resources with great value in the international business world. Just look around you! It is either there is land lying fallow where you could plant the medicinal herbs such as turmeric, or the cancer plant, sour sop, or raise a quail farm at your backyard.
Thank God for increase in knowledge in our times.

We can now leverage the internet for knowledge interchange now more than ever before in the history of the. This I know is in fulfilment of Scriptures in Daniel. So I would like to share with you today the following ways of making money with moringa business online and offline. This is not an exhaustive list anyways. And you have to work hard! It is not a GET RICH QUICK SCHEME I am itemizing!

Did you know you can make moringa oil from seeds at the comfort of your home?
  • Raising a Moringa nursery.
More and more people are setting up moringa farms across the globe today. You can start raising moringa seedlings to sell to them. It takes an average of 4-7 days for moringa seeds to germinate and another 2-3 months for your seedlings to be ready for transplanting. Moringa seedlings sell for an average of $2 per stand.
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Therefore, if you have 1,000 seedlings and are able to sell all of them, you would have realized close to $1,000 in profits! But you have to be able to create awareness about your seedlings so people will get to know you have and patronize you. 

  • Offering Organic Moringa Farm Set Up Services
I have mentioned earlier that more people are setting up moringa farms now globally due to increased awareness about the many health benefits of moringa oleifera. Some of them need people to do that for them. One thing you can also do is to educate (young) Farmers Clubs in your vicinity about the prospects in moringa farming and encourage agro-cooperative societies to start moringa plantations. When they buy the idea, they may likely subscribe to your services.

Now you have to get adequate knowledge of organic farm set up. Search on or for videos on how to do that. Or understudy anyone who knows how to set up organic farms where you will have practical knowledge. The Bible admonishes to seek knowledge and sell it not! You may charge say, $3000 or less/more per hectare. It depends on you. 
  • Sale Of Electronic Informational Products About Moringa Online
If you are a prolific Writer, you can write electronic books (eBooks), kindle books and sell on  or other books selling sites. For samples of books you can write, see my free eBook on moringa and another amazing moringa ebook Miracle Tree by Monica Marcu, a Pharmacist who has done a great deal of research on Moringa. You can purchase the book online
Averagely, an eBook sells for $5. If you sell 100 copies in a month, calculate how much you would have made.

Researching and writing nowadays has been made a lot easier thanks to Google. But if for any reason you cannot do that by yourself, you can outsource to others. I tell you there are people whose job is to write books for others for a fee. You can search on . I also offer write-for-me services.
Also, you can package Moringa instructional videos on DVDs and sell. 
  • Sale of printed Moringa Books
They are few books in print on moringa. You can therefore print your electronic books and sell for more money. Many people need to know about the miracle. Some of them may not know how to use the computer or browse the internet. The printed books will help this category of people. Even those who have access to the internet still prefer to read printed books.

My wife has written a wonderful book and people love reading it a lot. It has information about moringa and other medicinal plants. You know what? It is hot! Now you must not sell YOUR books. Just look for books on moringa written by others to buy and sell for profits. 
  • Organizing Moringa Seminars And Training Workshops
Another way you can make money from moringa business is by staging seminars where you teach people about the health and economic benefits of moringa. Honestly a lot of people will attend if you make good publicity about it. I know of Success Attitude Development Centre (SADC) in Lagos, Nigeria where such seminars are usually held and people come from different parts of the country to learn about moringa farming.  

You can charge $30 per participant. If 50 people attend the seminar, check out how much you could make in one day!

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Again you can record videos of such trainings and sell to those who could not attend the live event for more money.

In the next post, I will give the remaining ways to make money with moringa online/offline. Is this article of any help to you, please share with others. If you want to contact us, mail to

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Did you know you can make moringa oil from seeds at the comfort of your home?


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