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Monday, December 9, 2013


In this second video, you will see how moringa oil is being cold pressed from the seeds. Cold pressed Moringa oil is the best type of moringa oil. It has all its Health Benefits intact. If you ever want to use Moringa oil for Health Benefits use cold pressed. Having said that, if you want to buy cold pressed moringa oil online, visit cold pressed moringa oil now.
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View the video below

For the steps involved from peeling the seeds(in case you want to) to decanting the oil, kindly click here. If you need to buy the Moringa oil machine, please contact us.
To buy moringa now, kindly visit Amazon and buy from this trusted brand. 

To buy moringa soap and other moringa products such as cold pressed moringa oil,  quaility moringa seeds, potent moringa leaf (granulated), etc, OFFLINE, call Dr. Moringa on +2348065387819.

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  1. Nice post.......Thank u for sharing this information.Moringa oleifera is the most widely cultivated species of the genus Moringa, which is the only genus in the family Moringaceae. English common names include: moringa,drumstick tree(from the appearance of the long, slender, triangular seed-pods), horseradish tree(from the taste of the roots, which resembles horseradish), ben oil tree, or benzoil tree(from the oil which is derived from the seeds).where to buy moringa oil


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