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Monday, December 9, 2013


Below, I am going to give you links on how to process moringa oleifera into finished products. This list is not exhaustive though. Let us begin with making moringa soap.


Moringa soap can be  home made as this video shows below. But if you prefer to buy already made moringa soap that will add so much value to your skin then buy moringa soap online.

The following are the steps in making Moringa Soap:
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·       Mortar/pestle
·       Drinking cup
·       2 drinking cups Moringa seed powder (about 1-2 plastic bags full of seeds)
·       2 tbls. Soda
·       ½-1 drinking cup water
·       basin
·       long stick/wooden spoon
·       gloves
·       Fragrance or coloring
·       Plastic bag to put made soap on to dry


  1. Gather as many moringa seeds as possible- you will need a lot!
  2. Pound, leaving outer shell on moringa seed, this will act as an exfoliate.
3.     Being careful not to breathe in soda fumes and wearing gloves, mix 2 cups moringa powder with  2 spoons of soda. 
4.     When well mixed after about 5 minutes, you will see the soda start to dissolve as it reacts with the oil in the moringa. 
5.     Add water ½ cup at a time- be sure to stir  constantly
6.     Add fragrance or coloring if desired
7.   When finished, mixture should not be too thin or thick- ideally the consistency of peanut butter
8.     Form balls while wearing gloves or mold in lightly oiled sardine can
9.     Put formed soap on plastic bag and let it sit for two weeks
10.  After two days it should become firm and dry, but two weeks is needed for the soda to cure so that it can be safely used as body soap. Long process huh? To order a ready made moringa soap, buy moringa soap online.
In the next post, I will show how to process Moringa seeds into oil, using the cold press. 
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