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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

How To Extract Moringa Oil, Export And Make Good Money

[Updated on April 30, 2018]
Today, I would like to teach you how to extract moringa oil from moringa seeds using the
moringa oil press. This is prompted by many calls we have received from people who want to know how to do it easily.
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how to extract moringa oil

This is one of the easiest ways to extract pure moringa oil from the seeds. This is a concise guide. You can read other information on Moringa oil such as Moringa oil skin benefits and multipurpose uses of Moringa oil

Materials needed:
1. Moringa Seeds
2. Moringa seeds shelling machine
3. Moringa oil Press
The oil press works with electricity so you will need a source of power supply to run it.
As stated above, one of the materials needed is the Moringa Seeds. You can source for moringa seeds locally or buy online 100 Moringa Oleifera Seeds ((40 Grams). And just in case you don't have the time to extract the oil by yourself, you can as well buy the already extracted oil from us. Call +2348065387819 or +2348122964741 for BULK MORINGA OIL supply. You may also request for smaller quantities all at affordable prices. Also you may buy Moringa oil online, if you have credit card facilities. To buy online, visit Moringa Oil, Luxurious,Antioxidant-Rich Moisturizer,Natural,100% Pure seed oil (2 Oz).

The following are the steps to take in extracting moringa oil using the oil press machine.

Step 1. Shell the seeds.
You need a shelling machine to use in removing the seeds coats.
After shelling what do you do? It is very important that you always extract oil from freshly shelled seeds. Why? If you leave the seeds for a long period after shelling before eventually extracting the oil, it will yield dark coloured oil among other cons. So I ADVICE you always make use of freshly shelled seeds. This is a personal research result I am sharing anyways...

Step 2. Assemble the machine components
Having shelled your seeds, ready for expression, assemble the machine including collectors for oil and seed cake.

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Now what follows? 
Step 3. Power your oil press machine
You would have assembled your oil press, now connect to mains power and switch on the power button on the machine, in this case, I am referring to the machine we use as an example as shown in the picture below... 
Allow the machine to run for a few minutes and pour the shelled seeds on the receiving funnel.
The next few minutes and you have the oil dripping from the outlet.
how to extract moringa oil
Moringa oil being extracted with seed cake.

Averagely, 1kg of seeds(with coats) gives 120 ml of the cold pressed oil.
NOTE: You may brown the seeds if you need more volume of the oil. But that way, the oil has become something other than COLD PRESSED! 
We do not brown our seeds so as to achieve our desired goal -
pure virgin, cold pressed moringa oil.

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Step 4. Allow the oil to settle for a few days thereby allowing for sedimentation. 
This is important because, if you do not allow for sedimentation before bottling, the oil will still contain water molecules and may eventually make your moringa oil to become rancid!

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Step 5. Decantation
Carefully decant the oil into some clean container, leaving the sediments behind. You may use a separating funnel to achieve best results.

Step 5. Bottling/Packaging
You may now pour the resulting golden yellow Pure Extra-Virgin Cold Pressed Moringa Oil into bottles, plastics kegs, etc and package as desired.

The above outlined steps are for your quick guide.

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