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Thursday, March 14, 2013


This morning, I decided to visit Uncle Russ Bianchi's website and browsed the moringa section. By the way, in case you don't know, Uncle Russ Bianchi is a Biochemist like me! But he is more than a
Biochemist. He is a formulator.

Below are the amazing testimonies I saw and was excited the more and prompted to share with you, my beloved reader. Now enjoy the rest of the testimonies... Emphasis(bold, underline, italic, etc) added by me

I have been asking for Moringa stories for a few months now and have received 10 to date.  Obviously you need some stimulation because there are a lot of stories around.  These are some everyday occurrences that are common for people without the benefit of our proprietary mixture.  Thing of how powerful our stories should be!
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I have just started using Moringa, say for about a month now. Surprisingly I have observed tremendous positive changes in my health condition. Firstly my High Blood pressure has improved greatly now almost always recording 120/75; my diabetes now recording a fasting of 6.5-7.2 vis-a-vis 9 -10 about two months ago. The most dramatic evidence occured about a week ago Tuesday 1/6/10 when I woke up with a very serious cold with my throat scalded. My wife advised I should drink the moringa tea instead of the Vitamin C tablets. As soon as I drank the tea, in less than 30 minutes the pain had disappeared in the throat and it was as if it was never there. I am shedding weight as well. Despite all these I am still watching this wonder plant. It seems the poor are at the threshold of having a God sent drug and nutritional goodies.


My was diagnosed diabetic last year and my goddad prescribed Moringa tea for me. It was so bad i had to live on insulin but he promised me i wouldn’t need the insulin sometime to come. i thought it was one of those many tales but I can say boldly that ever since I started my moringa therapy, i haven’t need reporting to my physician, talkless of taking an insulin shot. I am healed and who does the trick? God through Moringa!


I have what doctors call “dry eyes” and need to buy tear drops and eye moisteners. I am 60 years old. Within in 5 minutes after taking a teaspoon of moringa powder in 8 ozs of water, lubrication burst into my eyes and I was amazed! I now have only been taking moringa for 5 days now, but will continue to take it and enjoy whatever other benefits I can receive ! I am very happy not to have to buy any more pharmaceutical tear drops — which only help for an hour or two…..


I was suffering a high b.p since 2000,,and my vision was very bad,especially in the afternoon &look directly to a blinking light,,& my hemoglobin was too low,,but ever since my friend introduce & encourage me to try this miracle moringa or malungay by only drinking like a soup,after few mnths ago i felt very active my b.p. going down to normal,hemoglobin as well,my vision become normal ,thanks G-d for giving me 2nd life by using this moringa leaves,,


I have been taking Moringa for one year now and believe me, this leaf is really wonderful, the name miracle fits it properly, I feel good, energetic, fit, sharp, strong, smooth body, good sight,sleeping soundly and work from morning to evening without being tired. I used to be tired when I do a little work and easily become weak but now no more. Please all should embrace this gifted leaf.This is a natural medicine for the poor.The rich can also use it if only they want to live long. I encourage everybody to take moringa leaf.


I do not wanna exaggerate, moringa is a prodigious skin has changed dramatically I now look like a newborn baby, I used to feel weak every morning but now I feel strong as a horse, I have noticed a remarkable turnaround in my general health.. Stay healthy.


I have been a 250/110 bp during my tours as a merchant sailor, it always register in my medical exam as per pre-employment qualification overseas until my retirement that i started to use Moringa Tea till now. Everything is normal now I mean my bp and am not taking anymore of my maintainance drug but Moringa Tea instead. For all you know indeed everything is a miracle and besides i got no other ailments since in five years of my retirement, am almost 60 yrs of age now but feels like 40. There are no overdose or no limits of intake and for sure you’ll feel instant results.In my google research it’s a cure for 300 diseases including to include malignant diseases like cancer.


Dr. Howard W. Fisher.

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