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Friday, July 27, 2012

Moringa alleviates pains, helps with Pot Belly In Rivers State.

Moringa oleifera is helping countless lives globally due to its many uses: nutritional, health, industrial, etc. 
But more interestingly is this story of a family in Portharcourt, Rivers State. 
We presented a seminar on Moringa in one of the Churches in Rivers State. Afterwards this woman walked up to us with her exciting testimonial of how her husband was miraculously helped of severe arthritis. She says: "my husband was bedridden with arthritis, we were making arrangements to fly abroad for medical treatment before someone brought the moringa seeds and my husband started to take. And that was a joke.
The arthritis pain was alleviated ! Even his pot belly flattened.

Moringa oleifera is really working miracles. And guess what, it has been with us all this while but little did we know about its powers.
You may be surprised to discover that this miracle tree is found right in your village. To aid you in identifying this tree, carry out a search on Just type "moringa+diabetes" exactly the way I have typed here. For any other disease conditions like hypertension, HIV/AIDS, etc. Just type it and you will see the amazing results! To help you further, search 'images' - not 'web'. And you will discover that 'iwe igbale' is even in your neighbourhood, growing tall.

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