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Thursday, February 9, 2012



Undoubtedly, Moringa oleifera is a miracle tree! A rapidly-growing and drought-resistant tree, all parts of Moringa are edible and can be used as super food, oil, fibre, medicine or water purification. Hear this: “Moringa is one of the world’s most useful plants and nutritious crops.” (Asian Vegetable Research and Development Center, 2003).

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Apparently, the current food crisis is proof that export-led agriculture is a wrong option for countries
with few resources. At the same time, the poorest cannot afford animal-based proteins. It is therefore urgent for developing countries to rapidly switch to using local resources, including Moringa oleifera, whose exceptional nutritional value and accessibility make it a clear choice.

Due to its numerous healing, nutritious properties and versatility, Moringa is wrapped around the world in legend and respect, as suggested by affectionate names such as "Miracle Tree," "Mother's Best Friend," "Never Die," "Heals All," 'Angel Plant," and "Eat and Drink," to name a few.

Moringa Nigeria Project website aims at creating awareness about the Health Benefits, nutritional and socio-economic importance of the moringa oleifera tree products- fresh moringa leaves, moringa leaf powder, moringa seeds, etc. We encourage individuals, Cooperative societies, Farmers’ Associations, community health practitioners, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), subsistence and mechanised farmers to invest in moringa by cultivating moringa plantations in large commercial quantitities...

Owing to moringa's ability to prevent over 300 diseases (Ayurveda) -with scientific validations, supply over 92 verifiable nutrients to the body among many other uses, we recommend it to families and communities the world over as a wonderful solution to health challenges, nutritional power-pack (super food) as well as a source of sustainable income.
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