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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Is it good for a pregnant woman to eat moringa seed?

Is it good for a pregnant woman to eat moringa seed?

An emphatic NO!
If you have confirmed that you got pregnant, kindly STOP eating Moringa Seeds! 
Is it good for a pregnant woman to eat moringa seed?
The following story will explain better.
One day, a lady called me on the phone and was like: Hello Sir, is it good for a pregnant woman to eat moringa seeds? I have been bleeding for some days since I took moringa seeds, and I am pregnant... Will I lose the pregnancy?... Long story cut short, you can be sure that lady must have lost the pregnancy out of sheer IGNORANCE. By the time she was calling to ask, it was already late. The deed, I believe, had already been done.

This lady must have been ill-advised by those who tell people to take as many moringa seeds as possible, even if pregnant. Perhaps she probably took well over 10 moringa seeds before this not-so-good incidence occurred. 
So, can you take moringa while pregnant? Or Is it good for a pregnant woman to eat moringa seed?
My dear reader, kindly be advised: 


Why is it not good for a pregnant woman to eat moringa seeds?

This is probably what happens when a pregnant woman eats moringa seeds...the uterine contractions from severe diarrhoea caused by moringa seeds(which happens after detoxification) probably lead to miscarriage. This is not in any way a medical advise though...Kindly consult with your health care provider in case you have a similar challenge. Now my opinion is that because moringa seeds often cause diarrhoea, it is not advisable to take especially in the first few weeks of the pregnancy. Though diarrhoea in itself does not cause miscarriages either. 

But since Moringa roots too are known to cause miscarriages without necessarily making one to purge, it is better to just avoid the seeds even if we do not know why it could cause a miscarriage. So if you are spotting or bleeding after taking moringa seeds, kindly consult with your care giver and explain that you took moringa seeds. 

Also, since it is often said an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure, it is better to prevent the kind of experience that could lead to a miscarriage. Avoid eating moringa seeds as soon as you have discovered you are pregnant. I am saying this because, taking moringa seeds has helped people trying to conceive and they got pregnant in the process. So be on the look out. As soon you miss your period, quickly do a pregnancy test and if it comes out positive, praise God and STOP taking moringa seeds. 

Does this explanation help you at all? If yes, kindly share with your friends. Blessings!

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