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Sunday, February 21, 2016

What is moringa oil used for?

What is the use of moringa oil?

This question has been on your mind and you are wondering 
how exactly you can put Moringa oil to use.
What is moringa oil used for

The following are some of the reasons for which people use  moringa oil. You may find one or two of these useful too.

  • Moringa oil is used for the hair and scalp.
    When applied to the hair, it encourages hair growth, prevents hair loss and nourishes the scalp.
  • Moringa oil is used for the skin:
    It makes the skin to look younger and glow with beauty. This happens because the oil nourishes the skin, supplying the required nutrients to the skin thereby making it look healthier.
  • Moringa oil is used for arthritis:
    When applied on the affected areas, Moringa oil relieves arthritic pains.
  • Moringa oil is used for stomach pains
    You can drink Moringa oil.
  • Moringa oil is used for atherosclerosis 
  • Moringa oil is used for diabetic sores.
  • It is also used for acne, eczema and other skin

How to use moringa oil for skin

The best way to use moringa oil for the skin is to add to your cream and rub on the skin. That is what most women do. That does not mean you cannot use it directly on the skin since the oil does not smell bad.

One other way you can use moringa oil for the face is by massaging the oil on your face before going to bed. When you do that consistently for one week, your face will be totally transformed, looking much younger and more beautiful.

How to use Moringa oil for massage

Moringa oil is been used at spas and beauty parlors for massage. It is one of the best Massage oils. It makes you relax and sleep off during the massage session. It is appropriate for therapeutic massage.

How to use Moringa oil for cooking

You can as well cook using Moringa oil as it is considered one of the best oils for cooking. It is very close to olive oil in properties, particularly due to its high oleic acid content.

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