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Friday, October 2, 2015


How profitable is Moringa oil business?
In the following analysis you will learn about the profitability of moringa 
Let us assume you are working with 10 Kilograms of Moringa seeds

Cost of *10 kgs Moringa seeds:  $100 (approx. N16, 000)
Cost of Labour:                           $2 (approx. N330) per day. Working 6-8hrs per day.
Cost of lamp oil:                         $0.8 (approx. N138) per day.

*Approximately 10 kilograms of undecorticated Moringa seeds yield
1 litre of Moringa oil. And about 6-7 kilograms of decorticated(shelled) Moringa seeds 
yield one Litre.

Therefore you need an approximate total of  $102.8 (Ca. N16, 500)  to produce 1 litre of
cold pressed moringa oil as shown above.

If you package one litre of Cold pressed Moringa oil into 60ml bottles,
you have a total of approximately 16 bottles.

And if you sell a bottle at $12 (approx. N2000), you will realize about
$202 (approx. N33, 000).

If you Less the cost of production and you are left with at least 50% profits.
Approximate Cost per liter                         $202 (ca. N33, 000)
Approximate cost of production per liter   $102.8 (Ca. N16, 500)
- $102.80
  $ 99.20 (ca N16, 368) per liter.
Approximate Profit per litre                       $99.20

Now in a month(25 days), you may make an approximate projected amount
of $2,480 (ca N409, 200 Nigerian Naira) in PURE PROFITS! 
That is on assumption that you have sold 25 litres of oil. 
If you sell half of that volume (12 litres), you make $1,240(ca N200,000) or say 6 litres @ $620
Does that look like what you want to do? Are you ready to jump at this money making opportunity right away? Then Go ahead...

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