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Thursday, June 11, 2015

50 questions people ask about Moringa oleifera.

A lot of questions are being asked daily about different aspects of moringa oleifera ranging from the health benefits of the different parts to how they should be administered. I have taken time to answer a couple of questions. For other frequently asked questions, kindly check the FAQ tab above. I will take time to post one question and answer per day for the next couple of days. Kindly follow the link to the next question at the end of each answer. Now let us begin with moringa flowers.
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1. Are moringa flowers edible?

MORINGA FLOWERYes, moringa flowers are edible. Usually after 8 to 12 months of planting, the moringa tree begins to flower and continues all year round. The flowers can be eaten or used to make a tea. The flowers provide good amounts of calcium and potassium. Moringa flowers also provide a year-round source of nectar for bees, although some have claimed that honeybees do not gather nectar from moringa.

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 Health benefits of Moringa flowers

contain bioflavonoid which helps to strengthen capillaries and minimize bleeding, and also assist in iron uptake.

Moringa flowers also contain Pterygospermin and/or related compounds (isothiocyanates), found in various parts of the moringa plant, and have been shown to have antibiotic and fungicidal properties.

Moringa flowers have high medicinal value as an aphrodisiac, abortifacient and cholagogue stimulant. The flowers are also used to cure inflammations, muscle diseases, hysteria, tumors and enlargement of the spleen.

Flower juice improve the quality and flow of mother’s milk when breast feeding

Flower juice is useful for urinary problem as it encourages urination.

Flowers are used as stimulants, tonic and diuretic. They are useful in increasing the flow of bile.

How to use Moringa flower as cold remedy

To prepare moringa flower to use as cold remedy, water is boiled, and then a cluster of moringa flowers is placed to steep in it for about 5 minutes. Add a little sugar and drink as needed. It is very effective!

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Did you know you can make moringa oil from seeds at the comfort of your home?

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