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Saturday, March 8, 2014


MORINGA OLEIFERA is been celebrated worldwide now for obvious reasons. As I sat behind the
computer today researching, I saw other useful plants with their various uses and am like, Moringa oleifera has more! So here we go. 
I am going to get you excited about the amazing uses of the greatest botanical ever discovered in the history of the world-our dear moringa oleifera.
Trust me, this is in no way an exhaustive list! There is more than I can write now...
  1. Moringa oleifera is known to act as an anti aging agent because of the presence of cytokinins with zeatin being the chiefest. For instance, there is antiaging night repair a wonderful anti aging product formulated from moringa oleifera. This is another moringa product with anti aging properties.
  2. Moringa trees are used as life fence in some parts of the world.
  3. Moringa products are used for weight management
  4. Moringa tree trunks produce gum which is used in calico printing.
  5. Moringa oil is used in wonderful beauty products such as soap
  6. Moringa oil is used in making exotic perfumes 
  7. The soft pulp from the moringa tree is highly suitable for making news print.
  8. The bark and gum of Moringa tree can be used in tanning hides
  9. The bark of the moringa tree can be beaten into a fibre for production of good quality ropes or mats.
  10. Moringa oil is used for making hair care products for damaged hair especially in women.
  11. Moringa oil is used in making body creams 
  12. Powdered moringa seeds can be used for clarifying honey without boiling!
  13. Moringa oil is used as lubricant by watch makers.
  14. Moringa flowers are a good source of nectar for honey producing bees. In fact some Farmers are keeping bees in their moringa farms in Nigeria.
  15. Moringa oil is used for making shampoo. Did you know You can get a FREE MORINGA SHAMPOO? Discover how to get it FREE here .
  16. Moringa oil is used as massage oil 
  17. Moringa flowers are used for cooking soup by the Tivs in Benue State, Nigeria.
  18. Moringa roots are used for birth control-DON'T ASK ME HOW!
  19. Moringa oil is used for Moringa Lip Balm
  20. Moringa oil is used for making Moringa Hair Conditioner
  21. Moringa oil is used for making spa masque
  22. Moringa is used for making Moringa Shower Gel
  23. Moringa seed cake is used as human food and animal feeds
  24. Moringa seed cake is used in making organic manure
  25. Moringa is used as chewing stick
  26. Moringa is used in agriculture for alley cropping.
  27. Moringa leaves and/or leaf powder is used for making Moringa Superfood Smoothies
  28. Moringa seeds are used for water treatment. Watch this video.
  29. Moringa oil is used as biofuel
  30. Moringa is used in Dye making.

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  1. No period after using this seed. I am trying to get pregnant. Is this what MORINGA seed do I take 6 in a day help me plz

    1. Hello Cush Elegance, please carry out a pregnancy test as soon as possible and let us know the result. Kindly consult with your doctor, same time. Blessings!


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