Moringa seeds with shells(peels)
Hello favoured friend. Thanks for stopping by to read about the moringa plant. Here we are going to learn ways to eat moringa seeds for best results. For other information about how to use other Moringa products such as Moringa oil, Moringa Tea, Moringa Capsules, etc. And to request for FREE 50-PAGE MORINGA EBOOK visit

Now, almost daily People ask me questions like: How many moringa seeds should I take in a day? Should I peel the seeds before taking? Should I swallow the seeds?  Sounds funny isn't it? For more questions and anwers, click hereBut exactly how should moringa seeds be taken? How many seeds are too much per time/day? Read on to get answers to your questions...

One day, I gave a good friend of mine some moringa seeds to take home. I warned him not to give to his pregnant wife and added- "se your wife dey pregnant na? You can do and do and do...." and both of laughed out loud, knowing what I was talking about codedly. 

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But Surprisingly, the following day he came visiting, this time around with moringa seeds in his hands, peeling and chewing as we talked. Then I inquired to know how many seeds he took, assuming he knew the maximum number of moringa seeds he is to consume in a day. You know what my friend said? "I have eaten more than twenty(20) already only this daughter is also eating with me. I eat them like groundnuts..."

I could not help but scream! That was way too much! Another surprise? He did not frequent the toilet as others do when they eat just two(2) seeds a day. Now that was by the way. Let's face the business for the day.

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.....exactly how do I eat moringa seeds to achieve desired results?
Below are few tips to help you make the most of the moringa seeds you've got so as not to do more harm than good to yourself. Did I say "more harm"? Yes! Too much of everything is BAD!

It is not advisable to eat moringa seeds when you have not taken any food before, especially early in the morning. What will happen if I do that? Good question. It may cause you to purge. Although that is not a bad one entirely because it is the after-effect of detoxification. So if you are ready to frequent the toilet, go ahead... But I will advice you to do that only when you want to see that result-DETOXIFICATION.


It is not hygienic eating the moringa seeds with the bark on. Again, for every rule there is an exception. Therefore for those who want to achieve faster weight-loss, make sure you wash the moringa seeds with water and salt and rinse at least twice. DON'T USE ANY DETERGENT FOR WASHING! Laughs...
Moringa seeds with shells(peels)
Moringa seed without shell(peeled)
Then you can eat them that way. Like I said, if you want to loose weight with moringa seeds, that is the trick... Having said that, I need to also tell you the reason behind it isn't it? Moringa seeds back(covering) are very fibrous! I have just told you a million-dollar secret! You must pay me for that! Smiles...

Now read this slowly again and again... If you are pregnant, please STOP taking moringa seeds until after delivery. But can you be taking other moringa products, Yes! Especially the moringa leaves/leaf powder. But for the seeds, please STOP! Incidentally, if you are looking for the fruit of the womb, or trying to conceive(TTC), moringa seeds are A MUST for you. Can you see the irony there? Yes, that is MORINGA for you.

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Yes! You read right. Do not mind my friend who ate over 20 seeds at a go. That is not correct. Eat a maximum of two (2) moringa seeds per time. In fact, if you are eating for the first time, start with one(1). Subsequently you may take two. How many should I take in a day? Did I hear you ask that? Four*. Why did I asterick the four? Because that is the very much we recommend to our clients, depending on their peculiar conditions.... Don't ask me further questions... 

Benefits of taking moringa seeds
Here is a run down of the nutritional, environmental, economic and health benefits of moringa seeds. This is not an exhaustive list. Moringa seeds are very helpful for: 
1. The oil from moringa seed is considered an excellent TONIC! No wonder, as it contains a
    muititude of vitamins and beneficial substances
2. Moringa seeds contain between 30-42% oil, with 13% saturated fats and
    82% unsaturated fatty acids (those considered very beneficial in the diet).
3. Moringa seeds contain phytochemicals with known powerful antioxidant ability such as
    kaempferol, quercetin, rutin, and caffeoylquinic acids.

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4. Increased energy
5. Poor vision or other eye problems- not blindness!
6. Brain boost
7. Helps with staphylococcus aureus.
8. Aids in sleeeplessness-insomnia
9. Helps with constipation

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10. Moringa seeds are rich in Oleic acid, Oleic acid is typically associated with olive oil, as the latter is one of the main sources of this unsaturated fat(good fat) in the diet.
11. Moringa seeds are rich in the vitamins A and C and the mineral iron. Vitamin A is important for eye health and night vision, healthy skin, hair and nails and cell growth. Vitamin C is an important antioxidant that protects you from the damaging effects of free radicals. It is also important in wound healing, immune function and collagen synthesis. Iron is an important component of red blood cells and a low intake causes iron-deficiency anaemia.

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12. Antibacterial Effect
The June 2010 issue of "Revista do Instituto de Medicina Tropical de Sao Paulo" reported that researchers have discovered that extracts from the moringa seeds have antibacterial effects. In this study, the extract exhibited a bactericidal effect against Staphylococcus aureus, Vibrio cholerae and Escherichia coli. This gives credence to the use of moringa seeds and leaves as an antiseptic in traditional medicine.

13. Moringa oil can be extracted from Seeds. Ben oil, as it is called is an essential oil-one of the best worldwide with many applications. For more on moringa oil, read this post. If you need the oil contact us on +2348065387819.
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14. Moringa seeds(and seed cake obtained after oil extraction) are being used for water treatment-dirty water, not your clean tap water. Don't say I said so...
15. Moringa Seeds can be planted and you have other moringa trees growing. Please plan to plant moringa this year and smile to the banks for the rest of your life. To find out how, get our ebooks that will explain.
Oops! I am hungry and have got go for late lunch.... 
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