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Thursday, August 9, 2012


Moringa oleifera, our dear miracle tree, good as it may be, the Moringa leaf powder has
to be processed the right way to achieve the desired positive qualities it is known for.
For your information, just in case you don’t know, Moringa oleifera originated from India. It contains 92 nutrients…. Scientists are still counting. It has the highest number of antioxidants in the plant kingdom. How many? A whopping 46!
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It prides in huge amounts of vitamins A, B complex, C, E & K. The macronutrients Calcium, potassium and magnesium; the micronutrients iron, zinc, selenium (which doubles as an antioxidant), etc. moringa leaves are the most potent part of the tree. It is indeed a SUPERFOOD! For more about the nutritional value of Moringa, check here.
But if the moringa leaves are not carefully processed, they WOULD DEFINITELY lose their potency and become like mere grass thereby supplying little or no nutrients to the body when taken. And if the nutrients are lost, the Health Benefits too are lost as well!
How then will you tell if the moringa leaf powder you got has its potency intact or not? The following tips will guide you.

  1. THE COLOUR of the leaf powder
The colour of the leaf powder when correctly processed is normally light/dark green. In that form, chances are it retained 95% of all the nutrients (except vitamin C). Black, brown, dark brown colors, etc show that:
i. It was NOT properly processed and must have lost its potency.
ii. It has stayed beyond its shelf life (six months maximum) and become decolorized and as well has lost its potency.

If not properly processed, moringa leaf powder will absorb moisture from the atmosphere and moulds will grow on it.
CAUTION: DO NOT TAKE ANY MORINGA LEAF POWDER THAT CONTAINS                                                      
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Moringa leaf powder should be packed inside OPAQUE containers that do not allow for penetration of sunlight. Reason: Some of the vitamins(like vitamin C) will be lost. Also, make sure you store the leaf powder inside a dark cupboard in a cool place. Do not expose it to extreme temperatures.

Every processed product has a shelf life. That is why products have expiry dates. Have you consumed an expired drink before? Did it taste well? Definitely not! Anything processed food/drug item that has expired can no longer be useful. It may rather become harmful. Therefore be careful! But what about our dear beloved Moringa leaf powder? The same rule applies to it. If it is more than twelve (12) months, it is no use taking it again. Throw it away! How would you know? If you did not process it yourself, ask whoever did to tell you and/or check the labeling for the manufacturing date.

Moringa leaf powder should not be sun-dried. That way it would have lost its potency ever before being packaged. Neither should it be ovum dried to high temperatures. The best practice is to shade dry it, making sure there are no sun rays entering into the room. Again, how do you know how it was processed? Ask and let the person selling/giving you the moringa leaf powder tell you how it was processed.

NOTE:   Proper hygiene is very important during processing. If you are involved in processing, put on hand gloves to avoid contaminating the moringa leaves.

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