Since April this year that I ran into this miracle tree, Moringa, I have not stopped being amazed at what it can do. In my quest for Moringa, I discovered it is all around me! The Tiv people of Benue State, Nigeria, call it Jelegede. Yorubas call it Ewé ilé, or, Idagbo monoyé ("The tree which grows crazily"). And in Ghana, it is known variously by the following dialects: (Ewe): Atiuwuse (the tree with tender/slim leaves), Babati, Babatsi, Kpotowuzie (feeble tree; easily broken). Kpokpoti (the “illness tree”), Nukunaya (wonderful news), Yevu-ti (white man’s tree), Yevutsi (Dagari):  Obnukuo, Ornyyukuo, Zangala. You can see it having different names due to how it 'ministers' to the needs of the locals in GHANA. For instance Nukunaya meaning wonderful news.
In CAMEROUN, (Podoko):  Chabané (Toupouri): Naa-nko; in Chad, (Sara):  Kag n’dongue (Shuwa Arabic):  Alim, Halim;
In Kenya, North Africa, you hear them call it in (Swahili): Mlonge, Mronge, Mrongo, Mlongo, Mzunze, Mzungu, Mjungu moto, Mboga chungu, Shingo. (Sokoki - Indian spoken in Mombasa): Mborongi.
In MADAGASCAR (Malagasy):  Anamambo, Anamorongo, Feliimorongo, Felikambo, Felikamoranga, Landihazo, Moringa, Moringy. In MALAWI (Chichewa): Cham'mwanba, Kangaluni.  (Lomwe):  Sangoa, Shangoa (Senna): Nsangoa;
(Bambara): Gnougou Jirini,  Kandjirini, Manjirini, Massa Jirini. (Segou):  Verdaye and so on. It is found in several places across the globe: Asia, Africa, America, Pacific Islands, Caribbean Islands etc.
Lately, I discovered also that it used in making cosmetics for the skin. The seeds can be chewed to cure a number of disease conditions. It has come to stay as far as I am concerned. Last week, I went to Mogho, a village in Gokana local government area of Rivers State and propagated the news about Moringa. Moringa saves malnourished children's lives. It is a source of income (economic empowerment) to people, especially women, in rural communities where it is becoming a staple food. An example is Senegal, where the late Fugil of Church World Service (CWS) pioneered and worked so much on Moringa. He even set up a Moringa processing plant there.
Pregnant women, when they feed on Moringa during the pregnancy deliver well nourished children. Moringa even contains argenine and histidine—
two amino acids especially important for infants.
Months after delivery, as they continue to feed on Moringa, they would not have any problem with breastfeeding as Moringa enhances milk production in lactating mothers. It is advisable to plant Moringa in your compound if you have space. It will become a natural haven of all the nutrients you and your family may live on.
Moringa has all the 90 essential nutrients for the body including 18 out of the 20 amino acids (building blocks of proteins), ALL THE 9 ESSENTIAL AMINO ACIDS the body needs.
All the parts of the plant are medicinal: Moringa leaf or leaves, Moringa leaf powder, Moringa seeds, Moringa bark, Moringa seeds, Moringa roots.
Moringa has powerful Anti-oxidants such as Flavonoids, Quercetin, Kaempferol, Beta-Sitosterol, Caffeoylquinic Acid, Zeatin and more. ANTI-OXIDANTS PREVENTS CANCER, ALZHEIMER’S DISEASE, HEPATITIS AND DEGENERATIVE DISEASES.
“Moringa can prevent and cure over 300 diseases” - Dr. C.P. Gopalan.
The following is a partial list of diseases that Moringa prevents and cures
1.     Anemia 
2.     Asthma 
3.     All forms of Cancer
4.     Allergies
5.     Diabetes
6.     Depression
7.     Depression & other psycho-logical disorders
8.     Fatty Liver & Cirrhosis
9.     Heart &Other cardiovascular disorders
10.                        Osteoporosis & other bone diseases
11.                        Obesity
12.                        Parkinson’s disease
13.                        Scurvy
14.                        Malnutrition
15.                        Migraine
16.                        Rheumatoid arthritis and more!
It may amaze you the number of organizations, governments or individuals promoting the cause of Moringa. The following list contains few of them (for exhaustive list send a mail with the title. LIST OF NGOS to
Moringa Supporters
1.        This is a partial list of groups and organizations working to maximize the beneficial properties and commercial use of the Moringa Tree.
2.        Africa Eco Foundation
3.        African and Hindustani Centers of Diversity
4.        African Conservation Foundation
5.        Africast Foundation
6.        AGADA – Alternative Action for African Development
7.        Agricultural Developments South America
8.        Agriculture Mission Fellowship, Taiwan
9.        Agroforestry Net, Inc.
10.      Agrotech Co. Ltd., Sudan
11.      ALMS – Ark of Life Ministries, Zambia
12.      ANAMED – Action for Natural Medicine, Germany
13.      Andrew W. Mellon Foundation
14.      Apostolic Womens’ Movement, Ghana
15.      Association of Farmers, Educators and Traders, Gambia
16.      Association pour la Santé Préventive de Rosso, Mauritania
17.      AVRDC-The World Vegetable Center Works
18.      BHD – Biotechnology for Human Development
19.      Binga Foods and Nutritional Committee, Binga District Hospital, Zimbabwe.
20.    WAECHE -Williams Adedayo Enter Community Health Evangelism, Nigeria
Moreso, Moringa has applications in water treatment, oil production, livestock fodder,
For more information, send a request to or call +2348122964741/08065387819.
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